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  • I can still see my toes. (#28weeks and some change)!! We played at the park a little bit today, and I got a little sad that my little girls' feet are growing and that they're growing up. I know we have so much to look forward to, and while I'm thrilled for the adventure of having a boy, I'm still a little sad to not be a total girl mom. #realtalk #jesstagirl365 18/365
  • Another day, another preschool pick up. #maddieroo watches and waits for her sister every school day, and sometimes gives her a gift—like the giant leaf she found today. #jesstagirl365 17/365
  • I grew up with this dresser in my childhood room. In fact, my mom took a picture standing in front of it when she was pregnant with me, just before she went to the hospital. I've always wanted this dresser, so the last time we were home, we packed it in the van and brought it back with us. Today my husband sanded it down, and we gave it a fresh coat of white paint. We're swapping out the knobs for something a little girly, and we're putting it in Julia's big girl room. Stay tuned for an after picture once we get her room all set up! #maddieroo #jesstagirl365 16/365
  • These sisters love all things girly, and they especially love painting their nails. Purple for #maddieroo, and pink—of course—for #julesgrace. #jesstagirl365 15/365
  • We went to the #ranchosantafemarket today, and I loved that they had a little coloring station set up for the kids! We basically had to pull #julesgrace away.
  • We had a mini photo session this morning, and the girls rocked it thanks to the genius photographer, @jesskunertphotography, who brought a bubble machine along with her! I can't wait to see what she captured! #julesgrace #maddieroo #jesstagirl365 14/365
  • At least one of us gets to wear these pretty shoes. #maddieroo #dressup #jesstagirl365 13/365
  • I randomly put my laptop in the car today, and it totally worked out for the best. Madilyn fell asleep in the car while we were out running errands, but I thankfully got a little work in while she napped! #wahm #sahm #momblogger #jesstagirl365 12/365
  • Dinner tonight was SO good. 🍕We use the @smittenkitchen rush pizza crust recipe that never fails, and a #pamperedchef pizza stone; the kids used the new kids pizza set. 🍕I topped this one with asparagus, red bell pepper, mushroom, onions, green chile, (low sodium) bacon, deli ham, and mozzarella. YUM! Best of all, my #gestationaldiabetes number was great after! #jesstagirl365 11/365