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  • Catch the full scoop about what @ChrisHemsworth has to say about his new film, #12StrongMovie on the blog RIGHT NOW! Yup, I not only asked him a question, but we also locked eyes, and the rest…well…the rest is on the blog 😉 #WBSponsored
  • Nine months in, nine months out. As much as I love being pregnant, I’m pretty darn happy to have this little man on the outside. His nine-month stats are on the blog today! #ninemonths #loganjohnsgrows
  • Here’s wishing you lots of happy wuv today. #love #outofthemouthofbabes
  • I love this little boy to pieces. He’s starting to give me those adorable open mouth baby kisses, and I’m letting them happen to the fullest. Because before I know it, he’ll be wiping my kisses off his cheek and calling them, “yucky.” #babiesdontkeep #letthembelittle #loganjohns
  • Confession: I’m still thinking of my dream weekend where I met Chris Hemsworth (see my last picture if you’re not sure what I’m talking about), but I was reallllllly happy to come home to my handsome husband. We finally got our photo back from the #marinecorpsball, and I’ve got say, we clean up pretty nice!
  • When @chrishemsworth, in his dreamy Australian accent, puts his arm around you and asks to take a selfie, you hand over your phone, lean in, and smile big! @12strongmovie, in theaters January 19 🎥 #hosted
  • Experiencing the press junket for @12strongmovie was so inspirational. The passion the actors and filmmakers had for this movie was completely apparent, and made me appreciate this movie even more. Are you excited to see it?
  • When the opportunity arises, always choose breakfast in bed. Always. 🍳🥓☕️Perfect way to start an exciting day! #thelondonweho
  • Pinch me! I’m feeling so spoiled and thankful for this opportunity; I mean, hello, room service 🙌! Staying at @thelondonweho so far means #Hollywood glam around every corner. Can’t wait to see @12strongmovie tonight! #hosted