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I'm a work-at-home mama, an Air Force wife, a woman consumed with wanderlust, a foodie who loves cooking up something scrumptious, and a morning person driven by that first cup of coffee. I'm so happy you're here! Learn More
  • When your food was so stinkin' good you have to lick the plate clean.🍽 👉🏻What meal do you lick your plate for?
  • This fun, custom print by @braveandtruedesigns is going up in the little man's room! I met Jenn at the @mademarketsd a few months ago, and she created this for us; I love it! 🌎We met at @birdrockcoffeeroasters, and wow—excellent coffee! Swipe to see the pretty #latteart on our cups of joe! #neverstopexploring
  • Logan's room is still a work in progress, but I see the finish line in my head, and I'm not gonna lie: it looks pretty darn fly ✈️! I snagged these #cloudisland sheets at @target today, and they couldn't be more on point. #sneakpeek #loganjohns
  • I used to love writing day-in-the-life blog posts, but ain’t nobody got time for that. (Okay; I’m sure some people have time for that, but not this mom anymore.) Instead, here’s a #WIDN (what I’m doing now) post.
As a #WAHM, this coffee table is my office the majority of the day. I juggle between writing posts and working my #PamperedChef biz. 💻🍴👩🏻‍🍳
I'm literally up and down: putting the pacifier back in the little one's mouth, changing diapers, bouncing, and nursing him. 👶🏻🍼
For the oldest, I'm setting up areas to paint, giving her more paint, cleaning up paint, and making sure she doesn't cut herself since she's now obsessed with using scissors.🖌🖍✂️
Then there's the middle one who gives me a break in the middle of the day by napping—keep napping, child!😴
Also, if we play "I-spy" on the table, I can see remnants from lunch—we scarfed down Wendy's since I didn't plan lunch after VBS, and we were all starving.
Not pictured: the fan blowing directly on me, because it's SO hot!!!🔥🌞🔥
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  • When it's ridiculously hot outside and you've had a really long day with zero desire to even think about cooking, you throw in the towel and get pizza from down the street. 🍕 (Totally would've had hem deliver, but I wanted to be in the car with the coldest air possible blowing on me.) #happymamahappyfamily #pizzaismylovelanguage
  • We ate lunch at another new restaurant in the 'hood, @sababakitchen, and we can't wait to come back and taste our way through the menu.🍴Besides exciting Mediterranean food bursting with flavor, they have a large pet-friendly patio, and they're kid friendly, too! Pictured here is their #shakshuka only served on Sundays; it was spicy, savory, hot, cool, and perfect with their house-made pita!
  • This mama got a brand new look today! 💁🏻✂️Y’all, my “before” hair was baaaaad, and I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of it. Like, it so bad that I nicknamed my hair a “mop,” and my daughter would draw pictures of me, and put a circle on my head for the messy bun I’d always keep it in. I was SICK of it, and my husband was tired of hearing me complain about it, so he actually set up an appointment for me, because otherwise I’d probably keep putting it off, because...momllife. The result from my time at @glosssalon4s is better than I ever could’ve asked for. Not only is it lighter and healthier, but around 7 inches are GONE! I’m going to make a huge effort to keep this up—a new, fresh haircut is good for the soul. #glossalon4s #shorthairdontcare
  • Hey y'all! (Hope our little dude doesn't mind pink since our house is full of it!) #loganjohns #threemonthsold
  • This happy little dude is #threemonthsold today, and he’s seriously just as cute as a button. He loves his sisters, loves looking out at the world, loves rolling over (whaaaaat?!), and desperately wants to talk and walk already. Check out more of his stats on the blog today (link in profile) #loganjohns 👕by: @jonleygifts