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  • Totally shed some tears yesterday when we left La Salita. They're moving locations next month (just up the road, basically), but we've shared so. many. memories at that little brick restaurant over the years. Thankful for this local spot, their delicious #NewMexicanFood, and being like a second kitchen  to us come lunch and dinner time. @lasalitanm
  • My mom is an angel, because she picks up my favorite, and brings it straight to the airport so I can get my @dionspizza fix right away! #dionspizza 🍕
  • Albuquerque bound with my little wing man! @southwestair #loganjohns #southwestairlines
  • Ummm, Logan, you're doing it wrong. #stuck #loganjohns
  • Today was western day in pre-k, so #julesgrace dressed the part. #Maddieroo didn't go to school today, but wanted in on the action...only her outfit looked a little bit more "risky business," than cowgirl. Whoops.🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Bouncy castle fun. #maddieroo
  • When you have all the wine, but you're really craving a nice, cold, crisp cider (and a shot of cinnamon whiskey). Thanks, @amazon #PrimeNow, for having parents' backs. 🍺👉🏻(By the way, if you haven't tried it yet, put the shot IN the cider. It's DELICIOUS!!)
  • This, right here, is a classic #maddieroo look. She excels in giving you the side eye. The next picture—a full on cheesy smile directly for the camera—is a unicorn🦄...it only comes out once in a blue moon, but when it does, you gawk at it in all its glory. The other two pictures are just kids being kids, enjoying some delicious CFA ice cream 🍦Thanks for the 📸, @jpsmelser 👍
  • Wednesday nights are now officially date nights thanks to the girls starting AWANA! Can't wait to hang out with my favorite boys. (And I'm totally okay if one of them sleeps the whole time—#loganjohns, I'm looking at you!)