hi, i'm jess!

I'm a work-at-home mama, an Air Force wife, a woman consumed with wanderlust, a foodie who loves cooking up something scrumptious, and a morning person driven by that first cup of coffee. I'm so happy you're here! Learn More
  • This little man took FOUR baby steps yesterday! I thought he’d be walking we’ll before he turned a year, but I’m definitely not in any rush to have him grow up. #loganjohns
  • Oh what fun we had at @omni_aip this past week 😎. People told me that once you earn a @pamperedchef #pamperedvacay you’ll never not earn one in the future, and boy are they right. It was great to get away, and so fun to take my mom and #loganjohns with me. We met new friends who have been on 20+ trips with PC 😲! How cool is it that I get to work part time, stay home with my kids, get free kitchen stuff, and now get a vacation for free?! Next stop: working towards Hawaii! Wanna come with me?!
  • Someone pinch me. 🌴This place is incredible and everything is simply perfect on this #pamperedvacay ☀️! I’m so excited and so thankful to be here 😍 Thank you, @pamperedchef and @omni_aip!!
  • 🌴Double tap if you wish you could be on vacation right now!🌴
I’m all packed and ready to go on my all-expense paid trip to Florida☀️! I’m jetting off ✈️ in the morning with my mom and the boy, and can’t wait to relax and maybe even read a book 📖 ! This is the first trip I’ve earned with @PamperedChef, and I’ve heard there’s nothing like a PC vacation 😎.
👆🏻Read more about my love for this company (link in bio), and keep an eye on my stories for all the fun! Do you get free vacations with your job🤔?
  • We we were in the mood for chicken, but since our other favorite chicken place is closed on Sundays, we went to the next best place in San Diego: @getcrackshacked in #littleitalysd! It was delicious, as always.
  • When you wanna play with the big kids, but you have no idea what you’re doing, so you just start grabbing all the fishies. 🤣
  • 🎂 Double tap if you wish you could be stuffing your face with your own mini cake right now! 
I’m recapping the girls @chickfila birthday party on the blog (link in profile), and confessing that throwing birthday parties is one of my least favorite things to do 😲. Thankfully, CFA made it a piece of cake 🍰. Do you love throwing a great party 🎉, or does it send you straight to stress city?
  • When we have to hit the road by 4am, everyone carries their own stuff 👊. These kids of mine are little troopers: they’re not military brats, they’re military rockstars. They’re learning to deal with not living near family, having to move every-so-often, seeing their dad go away for work for long periods of time, and putting up with me as I parent three kids solo during that time. Sometimes that means they literally pull their own weight to help out. I’m so lucky to call them mine.
  • Yesterday my little dude turned a whole year old. Since we were out of town, I woke up snuggling next to him—he’s easily the best snuggler out of all my kids, and I just adore his sweetness. #loganjohns is such a delight, and while I’m sad his baby days are coming to an end 😭, I’m excited to see him grow up.