hi, i'm jess!

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  • When your crazy, hormonal, and (apparently) nesting pregnant wife asks (no, begs...okay...demands) that the girls' new room gets painted ASAP, you do it. 🎨 Now I can work on getting their room set up, so I can get the little man's space ready. Whew!! #truelove #gladimarriedahandyman
  • They'll walk over the same toy on the floor a million and one times, but give them a wipe, and they'll make our coffee table spotless. #julesgrace
  • Just in case you're wondering, this is the extent of how these two sisters "wrestle." It involved a lot of giggling and rolling around, followed by tickling their tummies with a doll's brush. #maddieroo #julesgrace #jesstagirl365 46/365
  • Another masterpiece by #julesgrace. Seriously though, these flowers and the rainbow are way better than I could ever paint. Color me impressed. I love the days I can set her free to work on a craft while I get some work done. I also love that she likes art and painting so much since I don't have a knack for it. #jesstagirl365 45/365
  • The girls' room still isn't decorated, but this little corner makes me happy. Julia saw the bouquet my husband gave me yesterday for Valentine's Day and kept begging for a bunch of her own. I let her pick out her favorite flower, and we put it up in her room. #jesstagirl365 44/365
  • Roses are red 🌹Violets are blue 💙 Heart-shaped brownies are awesome, and so are you! 😍
  • The house may be a mess, but I just had a lovely bath, and now I'm enjoying some delightful chocolate covered strawberries while my husband straightens up said mess. Best Valentine's Day a pregnant mom of two could ask for. #jesstagirl365 43/365
  • My happy place. Thankful for a husband who makes me a bubble bath almost every night, who continuously tells me I'm beautiful, who takes over as the parent the second he gets home so I can sit and prop my feet up, and who brings me surprise flowers on Valentine's Day even though we said we wouldn't get each other anything this year. I made the absolute right decision saying yes to him 8 years ago today. 💍love you, @beakerbrown83.
  • There's nothing sweeter than watching these two sisters interact together. #julesgrace was so excited to pick out #maddieroo's birthday presents, and I love that Madilyn loved everything she got—especially the $1 Paw Patrol ball! #jesstagirl365 42/365