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  • We finally "did" the laundry that's been literally pilling up in the hallway. Any guesses for how long it stays on the coffee table? Either way, I feel accomplished, so I'm watching Jess and Gilmore Girls. Just kidding, I'm watching This is Us. #teamjess (no spoilers...haven't seen the new GG yet)
  • You know you're from New Mexico when you enjoy a big bowl of red chile for breakfast...with an egg on top, of course. #adaywithoutchileislikeadaywithoutsunshine #youcantakethegirloutofnewmexicobutyoucanttakenewmexicooutofthegirl #longesthashtagever #redorgreen
  • Oh yeah...we found out what we're having! 💙💙💙 You can read more about it all on the blog! #julesgrace #maddieroo #babyboywhohasyettobenamed
  • Her sister usually hogs the little shopping cart, but since she's at school today, #maddieroo had full reign, and she loved every second of it.
  • Showed up to @worldmarket about 15 minutes before they opened and we were at the front of the line! #score #blackfriday #freetote #freemoney
  • Our delicious Thanksgiving feast, and a #babybump. (Almost #21weeks)
  • Remember the 3-ingredient apple cake recipe on the blog? This is what I use in the caramel sauce recipe instead of butter. I love this stuff, and bonus is that it's almost always cheaper at the commissary! Good luck if you have to hit the commissary up in the next couple days...it was a MAD HOUSE there! #operationintouch #ad
  • This morning seemed never-ending with meltdown after meltdown for no reason except that we have two toddlers on our hands. So in an effort to bring everyone back to zen, I made them breakfast (in the absolute wrong colored bowls, of course), and turned on Paw Patrol so I could have a few minutes of silence. Then, after only being able to handle so much of that show, I turned off the tv and started getting ready for our day (a trip to Target, of course). When I came back downstairs I saw them not just playing together, but using their big imaginations and working together to make this fort. Julia is currently in the bathroom—hence my long commentary, but before she went in there she brought out a stack of toilet paper to use as the "door" to their fort. These girls can be so infuriating and exhausting one minute, but in the next moment they never cease to delight me. #julesgrace #maddieroo
  • He died three months ago yesterday. Sometimes it doesn't feel real, and other moments it hits me like a ton of bricks that my dad is really, truly, no longer walking this Earth. My dream is that they find a cure, and I'm in board to help in any way I can. Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, so the #19week bump and I are decked out in our purple, and on the blog I'm sharing more about #pancreaticcancer so you can see the symptoms to watch out for. This cancer grows extremely quickly, so the earlier you diagnose it, the more time you'll have with loved ones. #PANCaware #wagehope #wpcd #inittogether #cancersucks #findacure 💜