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  • What happens in Vegas...gets posted all over social media! I met the wonderful @thepioneerwoman today on our way to @mandalaybay’s Shark Reef, and she was simply delightful. Thank you, Ree for letting me take a photo with you. It’s probably a good thing I was so nervous, otherwise I would’ve showered you with praise—you’re the biggest reason for why I love cooking now. If it wasn’t for your step-by-step posts back in the day, I’d probably still have a hard time boiling water (not kidding). #thepioneerwoman #jessicalynncooks
  • ✨Las Vegas...where everything is larger than life✨ . What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re in town? Also, drop your favorite places to eat below, too!
  • With all the scary stuff happening, I’m choosing joy instead of fear. I’m reminiscing about our trip to @disneyland and the fun things we stumbled upon during our visit. If you need a break from the news, check out my latest post (link in profile) with secrets from “Happiest Place on Earth,” because we could all use a little more love lately. Have a magical day, y’all.
  • I said, “Yes,” nine years ago. Thanks for asking, @beakerbrown83; you’re my favorite husband 😘😍❤️
  • Three years. Three years ago this feisty little lady entered this world in her own unique way: in ONE push, she was born en caul (in the sack), and on a Friday the 13th, no less. She is fiercely stubborn, undeniably sweet, and loves unconditionally. Purple is her absolute favorite color; she could live on cheese (me too, girlfriend), takes long naps like her mama, and even though she literally may not be potty trained by the time she goes to college, I see her accomplishing big things in her lifetime. Happy birthday, little #maddieroo