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  • Sisterly love is the best. 💕
Ha. Just kidding. Swipe to see the 10 attempts it took to get one decent picture of them. All #julesgrace wanted in life was to take a picture with #maddieroo, but she was *not* having it.
  • My first @stitchfix box is empty!! See what I'm keeping, and what's going back in my insta story today. 👗Have you tried StitchFix? Wanna try it? Let me know and I can send you a referral link!
  • When your siblings are napping, and you are bored, you get #voluntold to help your mom prep for her upcoming cooking party by putting labels (stickers, YAY!) on catalogs. #pamperedchef #pamperedcheflady #jessicalynncooks #julesgrace
  • We've lived here almost exactly a year, so naturally we're just now putting more things up on the walls. #procrastination #militarymove #pcs #thesignonthebottomrightisfromtarget #julesgrace
  • My little mermaid. #julesgrace