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  • We've lived here almost exactly a year, so naturally we're just now putting more things up on the walls. #procrastination #militarymove #pcs #thesignonthebottomrightisfromtarget #julesgrace
  • My little mermaid. #julesgrace
  • I don't even know who I am...I got chicken kabobs at the #sandiegofair. Not delicious chicken waffle on a stick. Nope. Just grilled chicken and veggies. I hate myself a little bit. #tryingtobehealthy #didnteatthefries #gotminidonutslater #sdmbatthefair
  • Every time we visit @seaworldsandiego it reminds me of when I went there with my family as a little girl. I love that my kids get to experience it as well. So much excitement and wonder! #SDMomsBlog #seaworldsandiego
  • Smiles from ear to ear when the kids play at @kidventures! 😁I'm so happy we bought a summer membership—best way to best this heat! ☀️🔥(Also, I try not to think about how many heads have been in those hats 👒😬)