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  • Only two weeks late with this post 😉 See what he’s been up to on the blog (link in profile). Stinkin’ cute 👔 by: @jonleygifts 😁 #loganjohnsgrows #loganjohns #sevenmonths
  • Another picture I forgot to post, because #3kids means I have #mombrain all the time now. Stinkin’ cute 👔 by: @jonleygifts 😁#loganjohns #loganjohnsgrows #sixmonths
  • Just catching up since I slacked with the IG posts :) #loganjohnsgrows #loganjohns #fivemonths Stinkin’ cute 👔 by: @jonleygifts 😁
  • Almost there 🙌 (Also, if you’re a fan of pie 🥧and shopping👜, I hope you’re already in my cooking things are happening over there soon 😉 Link in profile) #jessicalynncooks
  • Last night vs this morning. We had a great time at our first military ball—the marines certainly know how to throw a party, and I loved all the traditions that went into the night. The next Air Force ball we attend will have some pretty big shoes to fill. A huge shoutout to @thequeenmary 🚢 for such a wonderful venue and props to the kitchen for delicious food (that tiramisu was AMAZING)! I’m not sure what the sound was that I heard at 2am, but I’m thankful all the ghosts kept their distance last night 👻. #marineball #queenmary #thequeenmary