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  • 🌟 Insider tip: I HIGHLY recommend watching Toy Story 3 before the new one comes out this weekend, especially if you have kiddos!
The cousins spent the morning outside playing with water, and now they’re relaxing, eating some homemade lunchables for lunch, and prepping for the movie of the summer, aka #ToyStory4.
What are your kiddos up to today?!
  • 🏠 Home. We made it!

I always heard about military spouses PCSing alone, and I couldn't grasp my mind ever around doing something like that. Moving alone with kids? That’s CRAZY talk 😜. Like, seriously crazy.

But I somehow did it. Actually, “I” didn’t do it—WE did it. I didn’t do this move alone by any means.

That whole, “it takes a village” phrase? Well, my village came through…big time. My friends in California saved my sanity more than a few times and sent me off feeling loved and welcomed back any time; my family in New Mexico literally helped put my home together before we arrived; friends (new and old) in Albuquerque watched our precious dog, and then my friends from around the world prayed for us and sent me words of encouragement.

And now we’re in our new house, and working on getting unpacked, and settled. ❤️ It’s time to make this new house into our home.
  • Arizona is hot 🔥 Like, 108° hot.

I miss San Diego already.

That is all.
  • 🚗 Off we go! New Mexico, here we come!
I wrote something sappy on my personal Facebook page, and we’ve all cried lots of tears over this move, so I’m hoping we will have more smiles than sadness for the coming days.
Moving is hard. Moving with kids is really hard. Moving without my husband here to help is really, really hard. But we’re doing it, and thanks to my mom (being amazing) and helping us, and my family and friends on the other end helping us there...we’ve got this.
It takes a village, people. Even if that village is spread out.
  • 😲Actual depiction of how I feel about moving tomorrow.
I’m part nervous, part scared, part excited, part sad, part brave, part ready, part anxious...part ALL THE FEELINGS.
Whew. Ready or not, here it comes 😬