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  • My view while feeding the boy, and their view while they wait for him to finish eating. Not too shabby...not too shabby at all.
  • I love living in a city where we can do things like have a date night #DinnerAndAMovie under the stars! 📽Speaking of stars...can anyone tell what movie we're watching? Can't wait to come back for more pizza and movies this summer. Thanks, @hotelkarlansd!
  • Two days ago we went to the beach to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We were there with him a year ago, and I remembered how much he liked it there; I remember looking up at him as he watched us, and he looked so happy, content, and at peace. The fact that he’s not here anymore is still so surreal that it literally takes my breath away when I stop to think about it, which is pretty often lately. .
He may not be with us any more, but oh does he live on in us and around us. He would’ve absolutely loved people watching at the beach, and I can practically see the smile he’d have on his face from watching his grandkids giggling and running around on the sand. Oh, and the banana cream pie I made in honor of him? Yeah, he would’ve devoured the whole thing.
  • When your food was so stinkin' good you have to lick the plate clean.🍽 👉🏻What meal do you lick your plate for?
  • This fun, custom print by @braveandtruedesigns is going up in the little man's room! I met Jenn at the @mademarketsd a few months ago, and she created this for us; I love it! 🌎We met at @birdrockcoffeeroasters, and wow—excellent coffee! Swipe to see the pretty #latteart on our cups of joe! #neverstopexploring