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  • This little fella partied so hard last night at @flipsfelipe's wedding. Not only did he get (milk) drunk, but then he totally lost his shirt! Talk about a good night! (Don't worry...we didn't leave him like this in his car seat.) #loganjohns
  • My cousin got married last night! I saw this card and couldn't resist getting it for him and his new wife.  Spoiler alert if you see this, @flipsfelipe, but marriage rocks!!
  • When I was pregnant with my second child I was terrified at how bringing another baby in would change our family dynamic. Of course, she fit right in, and my fears were quickly put to rest. When I got pregnant for the third time, the thought of our family changing didn't scare me at all—I knew the girls would welcome the baby in with open arms...and I'm so happy I was right. They were (and still are) over the moon and completely in love with their little brother. Their excitement is contagious and overwhelming in the best way possible. I love the love. My mama heart is so happy. #julesgrace #maddieroo #loganjohns 📸: @chrissywphoto & adorable "just arrived" onesie by @jonleygifts
  • He's practicing his "blue steel" look. Seriously, though. I'm obsessed with this boy's hair. It's too freaking cute when it's all tousled. #13daysold #loganjohns
  • So far the baby is basically a piece of cake. He eats, sleeps, poops, and cries (when he poops, of course). It's THIS girl who's testing our patience lately—don't let that cheesy grin fool you. #maddieroo #middlechild