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  • From one coast to another. It was so weird flying solo yesterday, and I’m already missing San Diego and my family, but I’m excited for a few days with my #PamperedChef ladies in Florida!
  • Talk about a riveting afternoon game of Gone Fishin’! The tables are turning for the next few days as I go out of town and my husband plays solo papa. I have a feeling they’ll all do just fine. #hesgotthis👊 #papaoftheyear #maddieroo #julesgrace
  • For the record, I took this picture a whole day before his actual birthday 🤣 #thirdbabyproblems. His stats are up on there blog for all inquiring minds. 👔 by: @jonleygifts 😁 #loganjohnsgrows #loganjohns #10months
  • It’s that time again! I’m mailing out brand new @pamperedchef catalogs this week 📬! If you want one, click the link in my profile, and fill out the form, and I’ll send one your way👍! #jessicalynncooks
  • What happens in Vegas...gets posted all over social media! I met the wonderful @thepioneerwoman today on our way to @mandalaybay’s Shark Reef, and she was simply delightful. Thank you, Ree for letting me take a photo with you. It’s probably a good thing I was so nervous, otherwise I would’ve showered you with praise—you’re the biggest reason for why I love cooking now. If it wasn’t for your step-by-step posts back in the day, I’d probably still have a hard time boiling water (not kidding). #thepioneerwoman #jessicalynncooks