I never realized how many different blogs/journals there are online now. It’s crazy – like this is the way communication is going. First people wrote real letters, then the telegram, phone calls, email, text messaging and now it’s this.

It’s interesting, we can sit in the privacy of our own rooms, or even in a busy computer lab, but once we sign on with our username and password to our very own journal the world is slowly shut out and it’s just you and your computer.

What do people talk about? Anything and everything. I could say whatever the hell I feel like saying here…but do I? I don’t know. I still have a guard up with these things because who knows who might be reading it. There’s still that odd chance I could write something, just because I need to get it off my chest, and they might stumble upon it. But then what if subconciously I really wanted them to find it…

The internet is a tricky, scary place. But yet here I am, on yet another blog…typing away as though it’s my own personal diary.

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