I feel the need to apologize for not writing in here. There’s been some personal stuff going on lately and so I’ve been writing more in my own journal instead of this one. I know what you’re thinking, “well gee Jess, you always write about whatever comes into your head, personal or not.” Yeah, that may be true, but sometimes you just want to vent alone without knowing the rest of the world has the chance to be listening in. Anyway, that’s my excuse.

Actually, this blog will see another dry spell pretty soon because…I AM GOING ON VACATION IN 2 DAYS!!!! I’m really really excited. Natalie couldn’t be coming at a better time. We finally finalized all of our plans for where we’re staying and how we’re getting places. The only thing we don’t know is what we’re doing once we get to each city…we’re going to play that by ear! I went to the store with my friend on Monday and despite the fact that I’m skint (broke) I bought some scones, jam and cream for Natalie to try – they are HEAVEN!!!!! No worries, you will get a FULL report when I get back!

My friend Kayla is going to meet up with us in Rome, it will be nice to see her! She’s studying up in Swansea (Wales) this semester. Oh! My suitcase broke. Well, the zipper part is detaching itself from the rest of the case…and I didn’t want to chance it on this trip, so I *sigh* bought a camping backpack. I “sighed” because it was something I needed to buy…I just REALLY didn’t want to pay for it…one of those things. I hope it will work out for me, I actually really like it. I decided if I don’t have room to bring it home, I’ll just sell it out here.

You know what’s interesting? Ever since I got back here after winter break my email inbox has been empty in the mornings. I get a few emails here and there, but at the beginning I would have at least three different emails from different people, just talking to me and keeping me company. Now I’m lucky if I get one real email a week. It’s actually kinda sad in a way to wake up to nothing. I know everyone is really busy this semester…but still! I want some love dammit!

One of my favorite things in the world is coffee, and the best roasted coffee you can find is the New Mexico Pinon Coffee; it’s amazing. You can get it in over 60 flavors, but the originalis just as good. Check this out – “If green chile is dear to the hearts and stomachs of all New Mexicans, the Pinon is dear to their souls.” Ah. That’s just music to my ears!

I really want to work in a coffee shop when I get home. Whether it be Starbucks, Flying Star, Blue Dragon…or any other coffee shop – I want to work there. I just adore the aroma that coffee has and I love how every cup and every roast can have its own unique taste. It’s brilliant.

Right now I’m listening to The Postal Service, Jeff sent it to me 🙂 It couldn’t have gotten here at a better time either…I was going to upload my new playlists to my iPod either today or tomorrow. If you don’t have an iPod yet you need to get one…they are amazing. I take mine with me EVERYWHERE. I was on the bus a couple days ago and I saw a guy with a portable CD player. To be honest with you…it was the first one I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and it was kinda weird to see!

Well, I think I’ve made this long enough for now. I’ll try to write in it again before I leave…

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