Breakfast for dinner

After spending a whole day walking around my town, going to different friend’s houses, I was hungry. I got home and looked in my fridge. Eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, may and pickle relish. Seeing as how I’e eaten ham and cheese sandwiches everyday for the past week, I quickly ruled out the meat, cheese and mayo. That left me with eggs and bacon.

I also found a can of baked beans and green chile in my cabinate. I brought out a Frontier Tortilla from the freezer and started making my breakfast…I mean lunch.

The use of baked beans has become somewhat of a custom for me now to eat with eggs. At first I was completly opposed to it – anyone who would eat baked beans 1)for breakfast and 2) on eggs had to have something really wrong with them. But, I like to think that I can’t knock something before i try it…so I tried it and surprisingly enjoyed it.

I decided to spice things up and put some green chile on the egg with the beans. I laughed out loud while I was eating it because I had made my ‘dinner’ something into a very cultural dish! I had a very New Mexican/English breakfast, what with my tortilla and all!

…and…well…that is my post for the day. There is a lot going on with me right now, but I’m keeping it safe in my journal until I feel the need to post it to the world. I was going to go out tonight, but decided to save my money instead…now I’ll be staying home and watching a movie 🙂

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