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Journalism consists of several different fields. The two major ones are broadcast, radio and TV, and print, newspaper and magazine. Yes, there are more than that…but this is my post and those are the ones I’m focusing on at the moment.

I went into journalism because I enjoy writing, so I automatically narrowed my field down and decided I wanted to do print journalism, newspapers specifically, without giving any others a second glance. Well, then I had an internship in advertising. Not the direction I wanted to go in…but as it turns out, advertising is a MUCH, I repeat MUCH higher paying career, plus it’s fun too!

So then I had print newspaper and advertising to decide between. I had already ruled out broadcast because…well…it just didn’t appeal to me since I didn’t see much writing involved, I mean, they talk on a radio all day…come on… so I never took a class on broadcast at NMSU. But then I came to Bournemouth and broadcasting was fit into my schedule.

I had radio the first term and I loved it. Radio was great fun I loved the spontinuity and real-time aspect of it. And there is actually a lot of writing involved, a lot that makes you think on your feet, I liked that!

This term I’m taking TV…and TV is an entirely different story.

I’ve been to several workshops on it and have even put a piece together, so I’ve given it a shot. I hate it. I don’t like TV. I don’t like having to get everyday people to become actors for you just so you can get a nice shot, or to make it fit the angle you’re trying to do. Editing is a nightmare – cut aways are just a pain in the arse! TV, simply put, isn’t my niche.

But, along with broadcasting in my work load, I also have magazine feature writing. Now there’s something I really enjoy. I feel like it allows me to be more creative and original than newspaper, but still makes me follow a strict style.

So. Basically I am now juggling a few options in my hands: Magazine, newspaper and advertising and maybe even radio. I like this. I like the fact that I have seen and tested the options out there for me and have given them a shot. Now I can start focusing on what I enjoy doing and am best at. This year is almost over and even though I have a lot more options than when I first decided on majoring in journalism, I feel like I’ve come a really long way!

This might sound really really stupid, but I’m excited to go back to NMSU and take more classes in journalism..there is so much to do and so much to learn! WOW. Ok. That might have been the most dorky thing I’ve said in a REALLY long time.

If you have actually read this far down – I’m impressed. I didn’t intend to write this much, it sorta just came out. I have to register for next semester pretty soon, but I think writing about this just helped me figure a lot out – so basically this probably did more for me than it did for you!

With that said….I am going to sleep.

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