Middle of Nowhere

As if my weekend couldn’t get any better, I just finished watching Miss Congeniality, had about three spoonfulls of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and put on some tunes. I didn’t put on just any music though…I put on Hanson.

Yes. The brothers from the late 90s. To make things even more emberrasing for me, I’m not listening to any of their latest albums, I’m listening to THE album – the one with ‘Mmmbop’. It’s great. I’m not gonna lie, I like singing along to it. And, to dig a hole even deeper and to make me even more of a loser…I still remember all the words. Stop laughing at me and making that face – I know you know them too.

Every club I’ve been to out here, with the exception of the drum and bass nights and the techno nights, have played ‘Mmmbop’ and EVERY time I get such a kick out of seeing a club full of 19-22-year old British boys and girls singing “mmmbop da ba do bop, in an mmmbop you’re gone, in an mmmbop you’re not there, mmmbop do ee dap ba do bop” at the top of their longs. It’s great.

Ok, I’m going to finish listening to this cd and then watch yet another movie. Stay tuned…who knows what crazy stuff I might be doing the next time I write in here – I’m out of control. 🙂 Now stop reading this and go put Hanson on…I know you want to.

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