Packing 101

My bus is leaving in an hour and I think I’m all packed. THINK is the the key word there. Packing is a tricky task. You never know exactly what to take and usually you take too much. I hope I’m not taking too much – I tried to plan this one out. I’m going to be in different degrees of weather, so I’m preparing for that with layering.

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This is my ‘suitcase’. It’s actually a camping ‘rucksack’ I just bought. I hope it will do me proud – I’ll let you know. *just a note – it looks a lot bigger than it actually is* When I took that picture I also took this one -and kinda likedd it…so I’m putting it on here!
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Yes. That is the SUN on half of my face. Go figure…the sun comes out the day I leave – how’s that for some irony! Ok. Well I just need to take care of a few more things before I go… bye for now!

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