Typical England

You know what’s funny? It seems as though whenever someone comes out to visit me (I’m basing this on my Mom and Grandma and Natalie coming out here) the weather suddenly decides to be PERFECT. Seriously. The weather is a 10 – sunny, warm and wonderful. But the minute they step on the plane the clouds roll in…And I’m not exaggerating.

I’ve been home since Sunday night and I haven’t done a single thing. At all. I finally decided to shower this morning – because I needed a change of pace. I’m just being lazy…Sleeping whenever I feel like it…Watching movies, reading books…Doing nothing really. My plan for tomorrow is to actually get outside (despite the weather) and try going for a run.

I’ll be sending an email or posting about the trip I just took; there’s just so much to talk about and so many stories to tell that I don’t even know where to start! Oh yeah, and pictures to follow also. It was awesome. I’ve decided if my career in journalism falls through I’m moving to Italy and I’m going to become a tour guide. No, I’m not joking. At all. I’m seriously thinking about it. I love Italia.

So what else am I doing with my spare time, you ask? Well I’m surfing the net. There’s this community called myspace where you basically have a profile and meet other people around the world. I’ve met up with lots of friends from home and some people I’ve actually forgot about over the years. Last night though I found this guy who seemed interesting…so I added him. Turns out I know him from way back in the day. I haven’t talked to him in a good five or six years – so we’re just catching up on our lives. It’s really cool. Even cooler is that he would randomly pop into my head and I’d wonder what he was up to…now I get to find out.

OH! Other awesome news…Papa Johns is now in the UK! Very exciting news because the pizza here is just crap, and now there’s Papa Johns. I’ll have to wait for some of my friends to get back so we can all order it and split the price…so until then…I’ll wait and eat my frozen pizza!

Well I’ve pretty much bored myself of writing! I’m going to Ireland next week – I’m wicked excited about that since I’ve never been there. And, apparently my grandma’s side of the family is from Londonderry – which is very close to where I’m going!
….till next time…

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