the countdown begins…

wow. I am the WORST blogger EVER. I’m really sorry! It seems as though I’m never home anymore, and when I am home I’m online looking at airline/hostel ticket prices…I lost the time to just come here and type until my mind goes blank.

My brother is coming out here on May 18th and I am WICKED EXCITED!!!! Now we’re starting to plan what we’re going to do when he gets out here. It looks as though Italy is what’s on the table right now. I found a way to do it as cheap as possible…which is still not cheap because it’s the stupid pound over here -but, nontheless, cheap.

I think we’re going to leave the day he gets in and fly to Rome, stay there for a couple days, take the train to Florence then maybe a side trip to Pisa. Train it up to Verona (where Romeo and Juliet took place) or Milan (to see Leonardo’s Las Supper – IF we can get a reservation, I heard a rumor that you have to book it at LEAST 3 months ahead of time) then we would go to Venice and leave from there.

We’d make it back to London two days before my second exam which would let Chris see Bournemouth and my friends! After my exam I want to take him up to London and show him the sights of one of my favorite cities, then a day trip to Paris. We’d come back to Bournemouth one more time for me to take my last test, finish packing, and say goodbye to everyone. Either the night of June 3rd or the morning of the 4th I will say bye to Bournemouth one last time as we board a bus to take us to the airport outside of London.

Whew. And THAT is what has been on my mind. Not too mention I have three exams coming up. One of them I’m not very worried about, and the other two will be fine..once I start studying for them (which I have plans to start that this week.). I am SO excited to see Chris!!! He’s bringing his video camera out here -which makes me VERY happy, that means I can record my friends out here AND the places we go! Pictures are awesome, but on video is even better 🙂 🙂

Speaking of friends – I can’t believe I’m leaving here in less than 8 weeks. My friends and I out here are getting kinda sad. I don’t want to think about it. We’ve all been hanging out a lot more lately, and since the weather is getting nicer (with the exception of today) there is more to do.

Last night, for example, we went into town. A huge group of us went to a pub, got some drinks then went to the cinema and saw Guess Who – not the best movie, wait till the $1 theater – and then some of us went for a walk along the beach! SWEETNESS. Tonight i’m going to a cocktail party (doubt it will beat the one from two years ago down at NMSU).

And, with that said…I need to stop writing and searching for cheap flights and go get ready…I have to leave in 10 minutes!!!!

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