I woke up too early today. I didn’t have to be at my TV class till’ 10, and I got in at 9…silly, silly me. Oh well, it gave me some time to do some more surfing online…and I found a pretty funny site. Seriously – I’ve just been laughing out loud.

‘Busted Tees’ – there are some ridiculously funny shirts on there. There are two I will be buying when I get home. The first one is this one about New Mexico. I’m getting that simply for the fact that it’s about New Mexico and I want to represent. The second one is about England…or is it Greece??? Either way I was laughing so hard people started looking at me, and then I had to show them. The good thing about that was, they found it funny too. SWEET – British people finding something I like funny, just one more reason why I want that shirt!!!

So I’ve kinda been bragging about the weather being so amazing over here lately. I should have knocked on a huge tree or something because today is crap weather right now. CRAP. I woke up to the wind and rain pounding my window. I still despise the wind because it makes my knee hurt…and when it hurts I don’t want to go run (I’ve been running lately).

Ok. class is starting…

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