Italy, baby!

Whoa. I leave tomorrow morning. EARLY tomorrow morning; the bus leaves at 7am, but luckily it’s leaving from my university so all I have to do is walk to the bus stop – for one pound I can’t complain! So why am I leaving so early? Where am I going??? Well, I”m going to Gatwick Airport in London to pick up my brother!!!! I’m SO excited to see Chris! Four hours after he gets in we’re catching a plane to Rome!!

I’m very excited for him to see Italy. I hope he likes it, I’m sure he will…who doesn’t like Italy? Lets see, after Italy (Rome, Florence and Venice) then we’re coming back to Bournemouth so I can take an exam and then we’re leaving for London for the weekend with a day trip to Paris. Ha ha, like the way I say this all so non-chalantly?! Yeah, me too! After Paris it’s back to Bournemouth for yet another exam. I’m assuming those last three days here I will be frantic to pack everything away and say bye to everyone.

Everything is happening so fast….CRAZY. I’ll try to write while I’m gone. Eh, who am I kidding, I won’t have time! You’ll just have to wait for all the tales of the trip! Till next time…

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