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10 days. I leave in a week and a half. It’s SO strange how I have such a mixed feeling about going home. Don’t get me wrong, I want to go home so bad I can’t sit still half the time…but then there’s this other side of me who has LOVED the independence I’ve had out here. I’ve loved doing things on my own (like cooking and traveling). Actually I think I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I did something I set out to do and I had my adventure. It wasn’t someone elses trip…it was mine. I don’t want that to end! I don’t want to go home and get stuck in a rut, I’ve had too much of a good time out here.

I also don’t want to say bye to my new friends out here. I’m SO tired of saying bye to people!!! Tonight I’m going to a going away party where I will have to say bye to the people who’ve been closest to me this year. It will be a nice night – no boys (because frankly, all the guys I’ve met out here have been nothing but arrogant and trouble – 90% of them have been like this…) – but it will be with my girls!

I’ve been back in Enland for only a day and I already miss Italy. On the plane ride back here I was trying to think of different ways that would bring me back to Italy next summer. Basically they all include me working about 40 hours a week without a break this whole year… Italy is THAT enchanting though…I might do it.

Last night Chris made me, Katie and Bertha dinner! It was SO good!!! He made chicken Parmasean (yes, i spelled that wrong…oh well). Hee hee I can’t wait to get home and cook in a nice kitchen!

The last time I wrote I said we were going to the Cinque Terre. We ended up going there for an entire day; we had a blast. That place is amazing, it’s SO pretty out there! We just wondered around and walked along the coast. We even made it back to Florence JUST in time for our free dinner at the hostel – perfect day, perfect timing.

The next day we caught our train to Venice. Venice…how do I want to describe it? Well, Venice isn’t as I thought it would be. Just like Paris, I was expecting it to be some cheesy romantic city. I thought, before I got there, that I wouldn’t want to wander the streets with my brother… Well as it turns out, Venice was just a tourist trap. It was beautiful and I will go back, don’t get me wrong…but I think there are better hidden treasures around the country.

I am VERY glad I went there. Chris and I had enough time to check out two islands north of Venice called Muranno and Burrano..now those little towns were amazing! They were almost too perfect. Every street looked like it was the set for some movie, or like we were walking along the streets in Epcot in Disneyland. I say this because the crowds were very limited there and the colors of these buildings were amazing! Bright blue, green, red, pink, yellow, etc. homes all together. It was brilliant!!!

I took over 300 pictures in Italy!! I actually would have taken more, but my memory card got full…so my picture taking was limited towards the end. It’s awesome to look back on them now. I can’t wait to get back to Italy…can’t wait!!!

I have my second exam this afternoon, it’s over marketing…and I hope I do ok. I’m not too worried about it. I probably should be, but I’m not. Tomorrow afternoon Chris and I are going up to London for the weekend and then Paris on Monday. I’m looking forward to it…you know what I’m also looking forward to??? Packing everything up (some how) and getting on that plane the morning of Juen 4th!!!


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