Rome part two

Good news…my cold is getting MUCH better. BUT, now whenever I cough my lower back hurts since I’ve been coughing so much. Oh least I can somewhat breathe again!

Good news/bad news… my skin has FINALLY, after almost a year, seen some sun. BUT, I wasn’t expecting for it to be sunny yesterday and I didn’t prepare for it, so now I am sunburned. I’m hoping it’ll turn into a tan soon, but it’s pretty darn red right now, plus the fact that the rest of me is so pale and white doesn’t help anything.

A bird pooped on me while I was standing outside of St. Peter’s Basillica today. Apparently that means very good luck in Italy.

There was a metro/bus strike today and so Chris and I ended up taking a taxi back from the Vatican. Well, the traffic ended up being insane so we paid the driver and then started walking (we left our map in the hostel by the way) about 1 minute later I realized Chris was missing something. “Chris, where’s your camera?” He didn’t have to say anything, his look said it all…he started SPRINTING in the direction of the cab. I was shooting up prayers like nobody’s business that somehow he’d find the taxi we were in.

About five minutes later I saw him walking towards me…with his camera in hand. Talk about a sigh of relief!

Lots of other things to talk about…but I’m too tired. We’re leaving for Florence at 8:30 tomorrow morning so we’re gonna have a chill night tonight…and hopefully find some good place for dinner tonight!!!


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