Next week I finish looking for a job. I’m going to try Johnny Carinos, Red Robin, AOL and if none of those work out for me then I’m gonna go and ask for my job back at Dions. BUT, I’m going to see if I can work during the day instead of nights. I dno’t want to go down to Cruces this early in the summer, so hopefully I’ll get something this week…

In a few minutes I’m going to try to get my membership back at the gym. I think it should be cheap enough since it’s towards the end of the month…I need to do something productive at least.

My parents anniiversary is tomorrow; 25 years. That’s crazy! We’re going out to dinner to Quarters, I’m actually kinda excited to go…mmm….steak…mmm…salad…mmm…. speaking of eating out – I wanna go get some ice cream cause it’s hot outside.

Ok time to go.

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