It doesn't get better than this!

Yesterday I woke up bright and early at 4:30am and I didn’t end up going back to sleep until 11:30pm – I was awake for 19 hours; now that’s crazy! Yesterday was also one of the best days I can ever remember having!

When I woke up to the birds chirping my mom and dad were already awake so we talked for a little bit, then my dad went back to sleep and my mom and I watched some Alias while I unpacked.

Since it was Sunday, the four of us went to church. I really enjoyed being with my dad; really enjoyed it. After church we went to hurricanes for some very tasty New Mexican food!!

My dad needed some rest after church and the meal, so I went to go meet up with Jeff at his new house. His house rocks…I love it and it was wonderful to hang out with him! After I left his house I went to go visit my friends Curtis and Kent just up the road. From the moment I got to Jeff’s house I had a smile on my face that could not be wiped away.

I drove up central to Curtis’ and sat on his futon with a grin from ear to ear listening to him and Kent fill me in on the last few months! I realized the time and told them I had to leave to go hang out with the ‘rents….but they both invited me back to hang out with them later at night, as did Jeff.

Again, while I was driving home I just had this overwhelming joy! I got home and my parents and I went shopping for some things…good times were had once again! After we got home I rested a bit before I went back over to the UNM side to hang out with my friends.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE driving in this city??? I left my house around 8pm – the PERFECT time to drive around Albuquerque in this city if you ask me. The sun was setting and if you’ve ever seen an Albuquerque sun set then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I rolled down my windows, turned up my music and drove west…Staring straight at the sky that looked like it was on fire. The sunset was turning our sky an orange hue with pink outlining the clouds…then the clouds started turning purple. Too beautiful – yesterday I decided I will keep my camera with me in my car as often as possible.

A lot of us may complain about living in a desert and having to drive hundreds of miles to find an ocean but, the next time you’re outside look up: there’s our ocean! Then look down: there’s our beach! We have it made…we seriously have got it made.

I’m pretty sure the drivers of Albuquerque who’ve seen me around yesterday must think there is something weird going on with me because I just keep smiling all the time! I met Jeff, Kelly and Brian at Johnson Field at UNM and I played frisbee with them. 🙂 It makes me smile just thinking about it…It was perfect. After the sun went down, about an hour later, I told them I had to leave…and went over to Curtis’.

More good times were had there… Natalie, Arlana, Curtis, Kent, Hawk, Elise and Crystal were there. It was just so chill and comfortable! Everyone was just filling me in on things that had gone on and vice versa! I love the chill nights like that, we literally just talked for about 2 hours.

This doesn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg – it was the best start to the summer I ever could have asked for – I know it’s going to be great! My goal for this week is to get a job or two (my first choice is Starbucks – wish me luck)! It’s much hotter here than I’m used to, and I hope my body will adapt quickly.

Ok, I have things to do and people to see today! It’s good to be home. Till next time…keep smiling 🙂

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