Three hour drive

When I was a freshman an upperclassman told me the drive from Albuquerque to Las Cruces (and vice versa) would be easier each drive…I now believe that guy – whoever he was – is a big fat liar!

The drive this morning seemed to drag on FOREVER. I literally thought I would never see the Organ mountains and that I had passed the same curve about three different times. I will not miss the drive when I graduate; I’ve come to dread it. There are only a handful of times I can think of, when the drive wasn’t that bad.

Since I’m obviously procrastinating writing my article…I will continue to tell you about my weekend. Easter has always been a fun weekend for me: There’s Good Friday where I climb Tome Hill and have MY favorite meal; mashed potatos, corn and red chile all mixed together; Saturday where I spent the day hanging out shopping with my mom and then Easter, where my family has a BBQ and an Easter Egg Hunt. It’s pretty much awesome.

*shoot. I just got REALLY sleepy*

Besides seeing and hanging out with my family a lot I also hung out with my friends. One of the nights we went downtown and had a little too much fun, another night we hung out at a house Jeff was house sitting and just chilled with some wine. Then the last night I spent talking to Mike. I LOVE hanging out with Mike..probably because we so rarely got to have an actual conversation. Heh, last night was great though…I helped him with his portfolio and folded his laundry (I realize I don’t fold my own laundry, but maybe it was different since it wasn’t mine). I also walked around Nob Hill for just a tiny bit with Jeff earlier yesterday and realized staying in Alb. won’t be too bad this summer. I’m determined (as is Mike) to branch out and meet some new people and venture out in our city more!

Ok. I think I’m going to take a nap before I start this article….you know…to refresh my mind.

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