catching up

🙁 I have a canker sore that is seriously hurting right now. On top of that my throat is hurting a little…I’m going to have to stay on top of these things and keep healthy. On a lighter note – I finished my second day of work today. I don’t really have an excuse for not writing yesterday…

So far I’ve done a lot of fact checking for the next issue. It is SO COOL to see the magazine being put together. I’m calling all sorts of different resorts, in the US and outside of the country, checking websites and reading over pages and pages of text. I’ve even contributed to the issue. First of all, a picture of my ipod will be there and I came up with the blurbs for the pictures on the Contents page! Along with that I’ve been doing some editing and catching mistakes here and there!!! Next week – the week we go to press – everyone proofreads everything to catch even more mistakes. Today, along with fact checking, I opened a lot of mail – some as far back as 2 years ago. The mail was incredible: resorts, cruises, freebies; all these companies just wanting a mention in the magazine!

I might just be in the ‘honeymoon stage’ for this ‘job’ but I’m loving it so far! As soon as this issue goes to press they start right up on the issue after that – so I’ll get to see it all from the beginning.

I am so glad I”m out here. Despite the fact that i’m stuck in my room right now and my only option is to watch a movie or go to sleep – I can’t drive around anymore…already spent money on coffee and lunch. I did apply for two jobs, I’m not expecting anything though. OH! This girl I work with, Mia (the graphic designer), said she’d call me this weekend. Apparently there’s a jazz festival in one of the parks.

No clue what I’m doing this weekend – might window shop at Ikea, rumor has it they’re having a 50% off sale, and they hardly ever have sales! time for a movie.

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