I think I've fallin in love!

This afternoon around 11:00 p.m. Eastern/standard time I fell in love. With Ikea. Ikea was like no place I had EVER been before and a place I will be returning to shortly. I’ve heard “Ikea” thrown about in different peoples conversations, but I always placed it in the category with Pier One, Crate and Barrel, Places I Can’t Even Buy a Fork At, etc.

Ikea is ABSOLUTELY nothing like that. It’s modern, funky, trendy and best of all it’s more than reasonably priced. For example: I was at Target the other day because I need a lamp in my room. The only thing I could find, without spending over $20 for a simple tiny lamp was an industrial looking desk lamp. Well, today at my new infatuation, I found a pole lamp with two lights on it; very sleak looking in silver and white for only $15 – beat that Target!

I held back – WAY back from spending too much money. While I was there I did mentally pick out every piece of furniture needed for my new room. I even figured out how to buy it all. You see, after this next semester ends and I figure out what I’m doing with my life I’m going to sell all the furniture I do have and buy Ikea to replace it. That might sound a little crazy, but they had FULL bedroom sets for under $1,000.

While I was there I also nabbed a chair. A modern/70’s/white/fake leather desk chair. It was on sale from $140 – $35…no girl in her right mind can pass up something like that. The only problem is that it’s missing wheals which means it’s not as high up as it should be so right now it kinda wobbles – I’ll be fixing that…or asking for help soon!

I don’t think I can allow myself back in that store for a very long time. I could just go crazy. I’m going to propose to Laura and my parents (yes, i know you’re reading this!) that she and I move out here. This is EXACTLY the city we’ve been talking about wanting to live in – with the exception of living abroad again. The catch would be I’d have to get an awesome job that paid me enough to live up to the standards of Atlanta!

ok…I’m done with this happy love affair now. Time for a new, but not so happy, update…

My new Chair!
The new Lamp

…..SO much more I want from there!!!

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