a life of travel

I’ve chosen a life of travel…it’s true, but it comes with consequences. Moving to England was by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done and people gave me the most flattering comments for it. I heard that I was brave, because they could never do something like that. I heard that I was cool for taking a chance on a place I’ve never been; adventurous, independent, crazy, smart… The thing was, as glamorous as it sounded (and it was a lot of the time) it was also very hard.

There’s a thin line with what to tell people when you’re in a new place. There I was in England, actually living in the United Kingdom and half the time I was bored, or in my room alone. People don’t want to hear that though, they don’t want to hear that life can still suck half way around the world! Well, there it is – the truth.

One year later I find myself in the same boat. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, how crazy is that? I actually drove the 2,000 miles out here, found an apartment to rent and now I’m living here. Working for the magazine is an absolute dream and if there is any chance of me working for it after I graduate I will be down here in half a heartbeat. The thing is, right now I’m bored out of my bloody mind!

There are some free things going on in the city in the coming weeks which I plan on taking advantage of, but for the most part I’m in my room alone reading or watching a DVD I’ve already seen a billion times. You can only drive around and spend so much gas, and doing anything outside before 9PM is downright out of the question (it’s been in the 90s…WITH humidity). The excitement in my life right now (besides going to work) is when my phone rings and I see that it’s my mom.

Heh. Ironic because the things we’ve been talking about lately haven’t been the best news and I usually end up crying afterwards (not your fault Mama!!!). My point is, I love traveling, I love driving around new streets and getting lost and trying out new things. But being away from my home, from New Mexico where 90% of my ENTIRE family lives, is hard.

It’s hard having this, the internet, as my outlet for getting things off my chest instead of talking to a real person. There’s always the phone…but it’s still very impersonal. I completely realize my situation is unique because if I did actually move to a new city it would be for a job and I’d be making money, etc. All I’m saying is that right now it’s tough being away and I don’t see this as glamorous as some people do.

With all that said, these next two months will just be one more thing to add to the story of my life! Now, so I can still have a chance of getting credit for this internship..i’ll tell you what I did today!

****Basically I helped put the paper together today! We printed out every page we had done, stapled it, double checked what we had and what had been fixed, what hadn’t and put it in a folder. This whole week people are coming in to proofread and get all of the nity-grity errors fixed. I still did more fact checking, called a resort in Vegas, inquired about a fair in Pushkar, India and typed out a section that will be on the web soon. I love how the time flies there! Next week (depending on what happens back at home) I’ll help out more with the web, open more mail and get ready for the next issue.

Ok. I think I’m going to get some shut eye now!!

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