My day:

Started out the morning with a full tank of gas.
Slept in late
Stopped by travelgirl – ridiculously nice people. Tiny building. They use MACs to make the magazine
Had lunch at The Varsity – “The best onion rings ever,” said Chris.
Took Chris to the airport
Got lost downtown
Went to the Atlanta Aquarium – saw whales, penguins, nemo, jelly fish, octopus, petted sting rays, a shark, starfish and shrimp.
Got lost downtown again
Finally asked for directions
Got lost again
Sat in traffic on the freeway – note to self, avoid the highway as much as possible
Made it back to my area
Drove in circles around my neighborhood.
Bought a lamp. Forgot lightbulbs – it’s dark in my room now.
Bought sheets for my bed
Drove some more trying to figure this place out.
Got lost around my neighborhood some more
Found my way back home
Took a nap.
Went out again for a lightbulb, but got sidetracked by looking for coffee.
FINALLY found coffee.
Picked up application to Barnes and Noble
Found my apartment on the first try coming back….HALF a tank later
Watched the series finally of Alias.
Now I am going to sleep.

…The last time I was in NYC I decided it was too busy for me to live there; the people were too impersonal and the city literally never slept, but I also ruled out wanting to live in Las Cruces; too low key for me and I got/get bored very easily. Albuquerque fits me like a glove – but sometimes it’s a little too snug and I need to get out of there (sorry for that analogy – it sucked, i know). Atlanta seems to be the mix I’ve been looking for. It’s a cross between big metropolitan city and suburbia.

I still realize I’ve only been here a day and a half, but the weird thing is that I can see myself here (once I figure out these damn streets!!!) in the future. Maybe not forever, but definitely for more than two months and with a job that actually pays me! Speaking of jobs…I go in tomorrow for my first day. Wish me luck.

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  1. Hey Jess, just killing some time and work so i thought i’d read your blog! I know exactly how u feel moving in somewhere where you dont know anyone and its horrible even when i moved 2 southampton this year and greg was here i still hated it! But you know as well as i do that it gets better and you’ll make some friends and end up loving it! So stay strong and stick it out coz it will be worth it in the end! Take care my love xxxxxxxxxx

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