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Ok, I promise (maybe) after this I’ll stop writing for the day! So I just went around my neighborhood…again…because I needed to find a store to return something. I found it just up the street in a little shopping center called “Plaza Fiesta.”

– have I mentioned I live in a very diverse area? Heh, well I walked into Plaza Fiesta and it felt like I was walking the streets of Juarez; it even smelled like Mexico, no joke. Who knew Atlanta had such a high Mexican population. In fact, I bet I could persuade the language department at NMSU to give me Spanish credit if I worked at one of the stores there!!

Also in Plaza Fiesta is “Atlanta’s Farmer’s Market” – “Sweet,” I was thinking, “I can get fresh food there!” Well, yes, that’s true. Along with fresh veggies they had FRESH meat and fish. By fresh I mean they were still alive (the fish for the most part). Anyone who knows me knows I was pretty taken back by this; I hate seeing that. This Market was a combination of Asian and Mexican food. Fresh food. It smelled not so good. I’ve never seen so much fish in packages with their beady little eyes staring back at me. Eeeww. If I go back I’m just going back for the veggies.

Right, so continue on with me as I drive back to my apartment. I realize I need gas, so I get gas. While I’m getting gas I look around me and notice how many Mexicans there are! I seriously just can’t get over it. The cool thing was that since they were talking pretty loud I was able to hear them and I actually understood some of what they were talking about.

This is such a fun place to be! I’m being careful and watching my surroundings, but I just think it’s interesting how literally just up the road from me are cultures merging together and then going down the road the opposite way it’s the ‘rich’ area with gated apartment complexes and homes I’ve only seen in movies. Crazy.

I’m going to attempt to apply for a job at Hollywood Video and then start another book! Take care…and comment…I wanna know I’m not talking to myself…

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