t-minus two days

yup, it’s starting to happen…i’m getting a little nervous about leaving. My routine habits have started to appear, and I can only seem to get rid of the constant headache I have with a glass of wine or sleep.

Still no place to live. I feel like I’m getting closer, but not really. “I take one step forward and two steps back,” sings Keith Urban in one of his songs and actually that’s exactly how I feel right now! I’m trying to pick a place to live in a city I know nothing about except it’s one of the largest populated cities in America and is considered the “Los Angeles of the South” by several tour books. It’s compared to Los Angeles because the traffic is almost bumper-to-bumper basically anywhere you are in the city.

What I might do is either sleep in a hostel for a few days so I can actually see some of these places and make sure they aren’t taking me for a ride with the prices they want to charge me, or crash on a distant family friend’s couch.

…it’s time to start packing…

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