The Break Up – Warning – if you're going to see the movie, don't read this post

The Break Up. – I’m going to ruin the movie for you, so if you don’t plan on ever seeing it then read on…otherwise. Stop reading this.

First of all one thing that frustrates me is when movies put out trailers depicting a movie to be one way when in reality the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the way the trailer makes it seem. Did that make sense? I’m sure I could have said that easier. Anyway – The Break Up seemed like it had good things going for it: Vince Vaughn – funny; Jennifer Anniston – funny and pretty; a break up – can be made funny. So if we’re all in agreement, the previews made this movie look funny, right?


It was like sitting there through all the uncomfortable parts of a break up. Who likes to do that? Nobody. Who wants to see Vince Vauhn yell, scream and get angry? Nobody. What about Jennifer Anniston crying? Nope. None of these thing are funny. In fact, the only funny parts of the movie were in the previews – go figure.

To top it all off the ending was just…not an ending at all. It left me, the viewer, empty and depressed. Sure, not all movies have to have fairytale endings, but isn’t that actually why we go see movies; why we want to be entertained – to escape from our mundane lives and see someone other people live the dream? We don’t want realistic because we have to live that everyday.

The Break Up, combined with the pouring rain right after the movie, and a very depressing mix made by a friend put me in a bitter mood. To remedy that I’m going to order some pizza and watch a happy movie.

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