good day's work.

Oh boy, today was fun!!! Today it was crunch time – time to get all the little ity-bity details just right. I’ve put in two 12-hour days and I’ve loved it! I’ve pretty much been doing the same things each day, calling numbers and checking websites making sure everything is as up-to-date as possible. On the awesome plus side though, I’ve been writing more captions!! I think all but two stories have my captions on them… and the editor said she really liked them!

People have asked me if where I work is anything like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Unfortunitely there are no Matthew McConaughey’s running around and the office isn’t anywhere near the size of the one in the movie…but I wasn’t expecting that. Today the magazine was literally put together by four people: myself, the asst. graphic designer, the graphic designer and the editor-in-chief. None of the writers are present…in fact I don’t know if they even come into the office – I know most don’t live in Atlanta. I lie, Janice, who wrote the article on Pushkar, India is from Atlanta and came in yesterday. OH and there’s one proofreader who looks at the final draft of the entire magazine before it goes to press. She was here yesterday and today. I was surprised there was only one person, but I was told it’s to keep the style consistant.

I’ve only been here a week, so I’ve only been apart of getting the very tail-end of this issue out, but it’s just been so much fun! We all laugh and get along really really well. The office is full of mostly women – oh, I think I forgot to mention that right next to travelgirl magazine is SRI Travel, a travel agency. Anyway, tonight we stayed late and the four of us were putting the thing together and just having a really good time.

….There’s more I could say, but I’m tired now.

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