Happy Hump Day.

Things have been slow at work lately. It kinda sucks…but I’ve been making do with busy work – calling places and email people for the section I’m working on. I’ve also been compiling a list of ALL the authors and the articles they’ve written. That’s actually been kinda fun because I’ve been going through all the back issues and reading articles I’ve missed. I also created a spreadsheet to help with organization for all the different parts needed to get the magazine together. Stephanie really liked it, so it looks like I did good there! Abby, the other intern and I, are spending the next couple of days creating a contest for the magazine. This is what we were told: It should be travel related, get more people online and somehow try to boost subscription numbers. So, we’re having fun with this little project! Wanna know what it’s gonna be??? Why don’t you just pick up the magazine in September, you’ll see it there!

I had today off actually…almost everyone in the office was out of town today, so Abby and I didn’t have to go in. Things should be picking up significantly starting tomorrow – or so I’m told. I can’t believe I only have four weeks left here. It’s truly amazing how fast time goes by. Since i had today off I kinda treated it like a weekend. I drove around, went to lots of bookstores, Ikea and the mall. Mia, the graphic designer from work is 26 and invited me to be apart of her book club. Heh, well she just started it with the book we’re reading now – Reading Lolita in Tehran. I picked it up today for the awesome price of $4.50!!! Gotta love used book stores 🙂 So far i’m about 30 pages in and it seems really good…

Speaking of bookstores – I could just get lost in them! I went to two used bookstores, Barnes and Noble and Borders today and I wish I could have bought books at each store. It’s amazing how you can just get lost in a book. I’m a very fast reader, always have been and always will, but sometimes it really annoys me because I wish I could spend more time in a book. I can start a book and before I know it (sometimes in just one day) it’s over. It’s my way of escaping. Once I start a book I usually can’t put it down, I’m just engrossed in the characters and situations as though they were my own!

What else did I do today? Oh! I got my gym membership to last until I leave. I was on a guest pass which expired today, so I called Larry – the guy at LA Fitness who signed me up and he ‘took care of it.’ Honestly, it’s super shady – the ‘deal’ I got, not the gym. I gave him $40 cash (one month at LA Fitness should be $75) and he gave me some piece of paper that’ll let me use the gym for the next month. It kinda reminded me of The Buckle, the store in the mall. You know how when you go in there the employees are like voulchers trying to get you to buy ridiculous amounts of clothes? Or, actually, maybe a car salesman would be a better example. Just shady…But, since I’ve been going every morning I know the guy who signs you in and I think he’ll be cool about it. He’s not out for any commission…

I just finished watching the first disc of Grey’s Anatomy and now I need the second disc. The problem is that the Hollywood Video doesn’t have it…and I don’t know when Blockbuster will get it in. I love Grey’s. Love it, love it, love it! Well, I told myself I’d get to bed early tonight…so I’m gonna try to stick to that.

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