It's raining cats and dogs!

I’m scared of thunderstorms. There. I said it.

I also just realized that the entire time I was living in England,there was never a thunderstorm. In fact there was never thunder or lightning, just constant rain. Such a difference. England = rain ALL THE TIME. New Mexico = no rain, fires and drought. Atlanta = warm and rain.

Right now I have some candles lit and music playing. It’s pouring outside, but they sound like little drops – lots and lots of them! Then every once in awhile there’s multiple flashes of light quickly followed by what sounds like a crack in the earth. I try to remember what I was told when I was little – that God is bowling up in heaven and thunder is when he gets a strike. Well…God must be having one hellova game because it’s very loud down here on earth.

Today, before the storm came in, was good. I slept in, went to the gym and then attemped to ‘lay out by the pool’ but the heat and humidity only allowed me to stay outside for three songs by Jack Johnson. Seriously… that was not a smart decision on my part…I’ll just have to live with the fact that my legs will be whiter than snow forever. The gym and the heat must have taken a toll on my body because when I got back to my room my head hit the pillow and I took a nap! ha, I couldn’t help eyes just closed.

After I woke up I decided to see a movie. In order to see as much of the city as possible I decided against going to the same movie theater, so I went to the one at Atlantic Station. So far that’s my favorite out of all that I’ve been to. After the movie I walked around, had a great dinner and listened to a live band outside. Again, the atmosphere was top notch. Not wanting to rack up my parking fee I came home and watched A Bugs Life, and that pretty much leads you to where I am right now.

Perhaps I’ll let the rain put me to sleep tonight.

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