An update

Sorry for my absence…The only excuse I have is that I’ve been tired and didn’t feel like writing. Still having a good time, just tired typing the same thing every day. BUT, as my mom pointed out to me – this could give me credit so I don’t have to take a class next semester…So when it’s put that way, I’ll fill you in on what I’ve done at work the past several days.

**We’re still getting ready for the next issue to come out, so there is a lot of fact checking, editing and proofing going on. I’ve had my hand at doing all that at some point in the past days as well as a little bit of graphic design. A little bit. I’ve been looking for pictures from tourism sites for some of the countries that we’re highliting in the issue.

There is also an 8-page advertisement spread that we get to design and put together. It sounds pretty cool – spa’s of Eastern Europe – but it’s more frustrating and complicated than that… The company who the contract is with (some group out of Germany) doesn’t say what they want in the ad..Which makes things difficult to actually make.

Today I think I’m going to work on writing up some PR information to send out to other publications. Travelgirl is trying to branch out and advertise more, so I’m helping with that.

Other than the things listed above I’ve been working on a section called “Advance Notice.” Basically I have to find things going on in the future, get all the details and then write something up. It’s a little bit trickier than I thought it would be because it has to be A)travel related and/or B)women related. That presents a problem. Turns out there’s not much going on around the months of December-February that have to deal with women! Fear not though, I think I have found my four events…You’ll just have to wait for the Sept./Oct. issue to come out to see them!

….And that, my friend’s, is some of what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been working out in the mornings and I think I can feel it start to take a toll on me – I’m SO sleepy (combine my morning workout with the fact that I forgot to get coffee today and you’ll see why I’m so sleepy!).

Tonight I’m going to Screen on the Green at Piedmont Park with Mia from work. I’m looking forward to that…Then I’m looking forward to sleeping!

OH, one more thing – I got invited to go to a wedding in Las Vegas. Not a cheesy wedding in Las Vegas, but a wedding where it says “Black Tie” on the invitation. A wedding where they are flying out a photographer and videographer. A wedding that costs more than my four years at NMSU – no joke! I thought about going and even though I could get there for less than $200, I’ve decided to skip it. If I was getting some sort of income this summer then I would go, but this is unpaid and I’ve been very frugal and savvy with my money so far so I might as well keep it up. I’m sure I’ll get to witness a fancy/very nice wedding another time!!

Ok, hope you’ve enjoyed this.

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