waiting for work.

So I mentioned Matthew McConaughey in the last blog and I thought I should follow that up with the fact that he’s been shooting a new movie in Atlanta for the past month. Not only that, but apparently he’ll be here for another month and the movie is being filmed about 10 miles from where I’m living. How sweet is that. I think this would go down in the best summer ever…if I got to see (and take a picture of) Matthew McConaughey *sigh*!

Yesterday, I forgot to mention last night because I was tired, was also cool because I got to call some people back who’d left messages for the editor. One of them was a girl giving a pitch for a story. The woman sold it to me as though I were the editor – it was so weird/cool to be on the receiving end of something like that. After I listened to what she had to say, and took down notes, I repeated it to Stephanie and she wanted to know my opinion on the story! How cool is that?

haha…I realize everything I’m saying is “cool” right now, but I just can’t think of any other thing to say about it!!

I guess today we absolutely make sure that everything we have for the mag. is ready to go and get printed. We send it away tonight (or after we finish today) and then the publisher place prints out a BIG copy of it and sends it back. We have until Tuesday to go over any final changes that needs to be done on the BIG copy and then that gets sent back to the publisher Tuesday night. Then…the magazine gets printed. They hit the shelves July 4, but if you’re a subscriber you get them a week before…I don’t know when we get them here. I’m assuming we get them earlier than that. YEA!!!

I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend. Maybe I’ll go see a movie tonight. Tomorrow night a girl I work with said her friend is having a party…so we need to exchange numbers. I’m also going to give Nicole a ring and see if she’s doing anything. Other than that…I’ll just wonder around town.

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