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I decided to keep a blog while I’m on this little trip of mine. Mostly because non of my really close friends are here with me. I’ve decided that one of the coolest inventions (inovation?) is text messaging. I am currently texting my mom who is in Europe on a cruise. Between 3 texts this morning she found out when I was leaving, where I was going and where I’m staying. I was able to find out that she and my dad saw the Pope in the midst of “millions of people,” that she was enjoying a margarita, my dad was drinking a daqari and she was taking a sunset off the coast of Italy. Seriously, how cool is that? While I would rather talk to her on the phone, I think it’s awesome that we can keep in touch via text messaging. Neat.

I love airports, there’s this addicting energy everywhere you look and every type of person you can imagine. People coming and people going; happy, sad, frustrated, stressed and anxious people. People sleeping, kids running around. It’s just great!!! Airports never sleep.

One more thought before I close my Apple: I like flying, but I hate landing. It’s as though my body jumps and reacts to every single little bump or semi-loud noise. Basically I become a chicken shit and start repeating the Hail Mary over and over in my head – ok..that’s a lie…I just go to my happy place.

Oh, I lied, that wasn’t my last thought. My last thought (maybe) is about music. Maybe one of the reasons I have my head so far up in the clouds most of the time – in the sense that I’m a hopeless romantic – is due to the type of music i listen to. It’s all romantic and completely hopeless.

That’s all. Time to people watch!

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