St. Louis on a Friday morning

The Cardinals won last night which means everyone here is in a good mood, except of course, the Detroit Tigers and their fans. Not knowing too much about baseball, except for the fact that most of the players have very nice ass-ets, I think if St. Louis wins tonight they win the World Series. And that is neat. We’re going to try to make our way to the stadium tonight… after we hit up The Cheescake Factory and a mall with all my favorite stores. Thank goodness I’m traveling with a bunch of girls!!

Speaking of girls, we’re all getting along very well. I’m not gonna lie when I say I was a little skeptical of all of us traveling together. Traveling to a different city, different climates and different time zones can be a tricky thing. So far so good!

Last night the convention gave away hundreds of passes to see two screenings of Borat and Stranger than Fiction. I don’t watch much TV (just my weekly – sometimes – dose of Grey’s), so I haven’t seen previews yet for these new movies. Boy was I in for a surprise.

Borat is deffinitiely in my list of top 5 worst movies ever. I absoutely hated it. I don’t think it could have degraded or offended more people. I felt very, very uncomfortable watching it and had I drove myself to the theater I would have left half way through the movie. Yes there were times, not many, when I did laugh…but for the most part I felt sick watching it. I reccommend never watching it. Ever.

Stranger than Fiction on the other hand, was top-class. I could deffinitely see Will Farell getting some sort of award for his performance. He played a man who realizes he is the main character in a novel…but does not know how the book will end. Will it be a tragedy or a comedy? Will he live….or will he die? It was funny, in a serious type of way. Emma Thompson, playing the part of an author stuck with writer’s block (oh how i can relate right now) did an amazing job. I loved this movie, and I wish we never saw the other one.

As for other things, the conference is great. I’m learning a lot about ways to improve our paper in order to gain more readers and give them what they want. After talking to different students from school around the country I also realized that we really don’t have it that bad off – at all. In fact, the Round Up should be one of the best ones out there considering our staff, budget and size.

Ugh. Clearly I am procrastinating right now… but no more. I have to start working on this paper… Till next time… GO CARDS!

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