Today is a scarf day

A few of my favorite things: Travel mugs – one of the best inventions ever. Hats – sometimes I can pull them off…I’m bringing hats back this winter. Autumn/fall – simply put, everything about it makes me smile. Scarves – they keep you warm and they can go with just about everything.

Today, I decided, is a scarf day. I woke up this morning and knew I’d be putting on my new red coat and would top it off with a scarf – no way was I letting the frigid weather get to me. Well, not really. I caved and lost the bet with Laura this morning…It was WAY too cold to even get out of bed, so on went the heater.

Right now I’m sitting here at work (clearly not working) sipping my vanilla black tea and jamming out to Christmas songs (playing right now is Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree – from “Home Alone), and thinking about this weekend.

On my way to school this morning I decided that today is just a really great day. The ground looked like God had a party and threw confetti made of leaves all over the place. Everywhere I looked there was burnt orange, yellow, gold and green leaves thrown about. Now I just can’t wait for the leaves to dry up so I can go and step on them and make that awesome crunching sound!

I think my graduation announcements come in today, so hopefully my mom and dad can get those sent out. My cousin did an amazing job designing them. Also, I am starting to look at tickets for Europe and figure out when exactly I want to go.

For those of you who are interested, The Round Up is now at this Web site again. I have two articles this week and I’m actually pretty proud of the one about New York Times bestseller Tony Hillerman. Check it out!

Ok. I need to do something ‘productive’ today.

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  1. It would seem that you are in trouble as now that I know about your blog you can/will recive a number of comments (relevent or otherwise) from me.

    BTW, The made up word of the day is “Awesomeness”! Know it, use it.

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