Aggies…oh Aggies…

“Aggies, Oh Aggies
The hills send back the cry
We’re here to do or die

Aggies, Oh Aggies
We’ll win this game or know the reason why
And when we win this game
We’ll buy a keg of booze
And we’ll drink it to the Aggies
‘Til we wobble in our shoes


Yup…that’s my school‘s fantastic fight song. And, after four and a half years I finally felt proud enough to scream those lyrics as loud as possible. Last night the Aggies beat the Lobos 103 to 72. Let me repeat that. The AGGIES beat the LOBOS by over 30 points. Yeah, that’s right. Thanks to last nights game I am also one beer and $5 richer (damn, I should have bet more money and more booze)!

We got to the game tipsy and about five minutes late and the only place left to sit was in the nosebleed section. I don’t think I”ve ever sat higher than the middle, and I’m even more sure that I’ve never seen the Pan Am that full. It may seem funny that so much hoopla and excitement was seen from this game, but you have to understand that being an Aggie and going to NMSU isn’t seen as something to be proud of most of the time when it comes to our major athletic teams (*cough* we were last in the rankings last year for football *cough*). So, when we can crush a rival and have students actually excited about a game, it means so much more than just winning a game. The Battle of I-25 happened a few weeks ago in Albuquerque where the Aggies lost by two points. Losing by two points at The Pit hardly seems like a victory to me. All that place needed was about 10 more fans there cheering them on and we could have won. Coulda, woulda, shoulda… oh well.

In other exciting news – seeing as how this is our last official week of classes, Laura and I are on a mission to drink every night this week. So far so good. Last night, due to the fact that alcohol was not served at the Pan Am, we snuck in some very tasty SOBE beverages. Talk about making the massacre of the Lobos that much better!

Also, there are some really exciting things going on in the next week and a half. There is an awesome Tacky Christmas Sweater/Apparel coming up – seriously, how much fun is that going to be?! Then we’ve got birthdays to celebrate before school starts and, of course, graduation. Not to mention there’s the whole wedding fiasco the few days before the end of the year. Very busy month ahead of me…good times!

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