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I figured my avid readers need an update on my life. I know you all are so deeply concerned and intrigued with what I’m doing with my life and what my feelings are about this whole thing called “growing up.”

We’ll start with my living situation: I’m pretty much all moved in to my parents house. I still have a gigantic box of books eagerly waiting to be shelved on a bookcase that I do not have yet. There is also a desk taking up the space where the aforementioned bookcase will go… So how is living with the ‘rents and the brother, you ask? Well, it’s different. My dad asks me where I’m going every time I leave the house – weird – and my parents sleep less than ten feet away from my bedroom…and they snore…loud…NOT FUN. It’s nice being around Chris though, I like to think we get along very well for how close in age we are and how much we used to fight when we were younger. He even goes out with me when we go to the bars and surprisingly it’s not weird! I’m glad he gets along with my friends. Then again, he’s Chris and can get along with practically anyone..

The job situation: Albuquerque the Magazine is great so far. I really like the people who work there, and I already feel like I’m part of the team. There’s a really young and cool vibe in the office, and I’m working on a few things right now for the March issue. Also, please make your way to the nearest Barnes and Noble and pick up the latest issue of travelgirl magazine. When you get it, flip towards the back until your eyes land upon the horoscopes and MY byline. VERY EXCITING!!! To bring a little money into my bank (and pocket) I applied at Flying Star yesterday and they hired me on the spot. Not too shabby. I’m going to work nights (…I may see if I can switch to mornings/afternoons later on) and I have orientation next Wednesday. The pay is around what I was looking for and it’s close to home, so I won’t waste too much gas. I’m hoping to squeeze a life into this schedule somewhere, along with a daily trip to the gym and knitting lessons I plan on taking. Yes, knitting…it will happen!

The traveling situation: *Sigh* My passion in life has suddenly taken a pause. The next trip that is tentatively planned is a little road trip to Vegas with the girls in March. I hope it works out because I really want to go back there. Besides that, I’m still saving my pennies and checking airline prices to London more often than not. The crappy thing about having a job is that I won’t have that three-month summer break off to go somewhere. I don’t know how I feel about that.

The “whatever” situation: I just saw a commercial where a ten year old (i’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for being 10) wanted a cell phone. It sort of blew my mind. Why in the world would anyone need a cell phone if they can’t even drive? I got my first cell phone when I started driving – something that seems completely reasonable to me. Who do middle schoolers have to call? They’re in school and then they go home…where they can use their landline…like normal kids! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! Geez. Also, I’m going to be 23 soon. And by soon I mean in less than two weeks, January 24th to be exact. This is feeling like a really good year for me. This may sound a little corny (ok, a lot corny), but I looked in the mirror earlier tonight and I think I looked older. I’m doing what I said I wanted to do. I’m freelancing for a travel magazine, I’m writing for another magazine and I’m going to work at a coffee shop. Things are grood. I mean great. Good and Great.

So there you have it. If you know me at all then you know I could have poured a lot more into this blog and rambled way more than I did.

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