Dions, eat your heart out.

Wow. You never know how bad things actually are until you go somewhere else. Flying Star and Dion’s are pretty much as different as night and day. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. How I stayed at Dion’s for as long as I did (off and on, of course), I’ll never understand. I guess it was just the fact that I knew how to do everything at Dion’s and it was convenient…all too easy too.

I forgot what it’s like to be on your feet for 8-9 hours a shift, to learn an entire new menu and everything that goes along with new jobs. I have this huge adrenaline rush from closing and I don’t really know how to calm down from it… My feet still feel as though they should be moving and my arms and back wants to continue pushing and scrubbing with the mop.

I was going to join the gym…but screw that! If I only eat the free salad we get while on shift and then close every night I work (which is what my schedule is like) then I have a built in gym for free.

There was a lot more on my mind, but right now i can only think about my feet hurting and how I still have to get up early and go to the mag. OH! But good news: I have my birthday off, Thursday night off (cause I asked for Thursday’s off) and Friday off! YEA!!!

Ok. the adrenaline is slowly leaving my body which means I will now attempt to go to sleep. Thanks for reading. That is all.


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