Guilty Pleasures

One of my many guilty pleasures is watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition Sunday nights on ABC. I’m not home that often on Sundays, so when I am it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll be watching Ty and his crew change lives.

Every time I watch this I feel the urge to volunteer and help change lives. I promised myself that once I graduated and moved back home I would make the time to help out around Albuquerque. There are several places I’m looking into volunteering, and at the top of my list is Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Obviously that has a special connection to my life. Hopefully after I figure out my job situations/times I can schedule some free time to actually start doing what I talk about.

But, back to Extreme Home Makeover… On every show they send the family on vacation. Usually it’s to Walt Disney World, but sometimes it’s to other locations. Tonight it hit a nerve with me. Here are these families that have never been on vacation before. NEVER! How spoiled am I? And selfish even. I have been traveling on vacations since before I can even remember. There are only a handful of states I haven’t been to in America, and I’m trying to plan my third trip back to Europe. Maybe I need to get my priorities back in line.

The other organization I’ve wanted to work with for some time is The Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m only 22 and already I’ve had too many of my dreams come true. I think it would be awesome to actually help in seeing a child’s dream come true.
The first time my dream came true (The side of a bus stop in Switzerland)

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