I won!!

This is what I won yesterday on Ebay, it was my first experience with the website (well the third, actually, because I lost the first two things I bid on).

I’ve been looking for a magazine rack that wasn’t like one of those traditional ones that sit on the floor and is made out of wicker. This one hangs on the wall, and I’m planning on putting the magazines that I have bylines in in them. I’m excited for it to come in!!! The one I got only has three slots for magazines, whoever took that picture bought a bajillion of them. I should be able to fit about 18 magazines.

Also, there is CRAZY weather going on. Check out the weather for Las Cruces: Seriously? The year I’m not there it actually snows? NOT fair! I realize that up here in Albuquerque we are supposed to get 4″-8″, but I’d rather spend snow days down there with my girls…and the boys… Have fun guys!

So, I went to the info meeting for Team in Training and I REALLY want to do it. The only thing holding me back is all the fundraising I’d have to do, and trying to fit everything into my schedule. I’m still debating, I have about a week to come to a decision. If I don’t do it this time, I will do it the next time they start up.

I think I’m out of relatively non-rambling things to talk about…

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  1. oh man, when I open my own dental practice in mexico i-ma need to get me one of those.

    seriously though, the plan is: pull teeth of unsuspecting patients and seel them to the tooth fairy, it’s not to late for you to get in on it; we’ll make MILLIONS!

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