The Star

I was really worried about a food test I had to take for Flying Star, but I took it anyway, only studying for about a half hour before the test. The day after I took it, one of the managers came up to me and said she had some bad news about the test. Shoot! Then she said that I got one of the highest scores she’s seen in months! I somehow managed to get a 98.5%… CRAZY, huh! If only I got grades like that when I was in college! Yet again, my theory of not studying has paid off.

The Star is good. So far, so good! The people I work with are all great so far, and really helpful – very nice for someone like me who is constantly asking about a million questions every minute. Wow. I like to exaggerate a lot (anyone seen the Dane Cook about the exaggerating girlfriend? Find it. Listen to it. FUNNY). Anyway. Tips from there are also a reason why I enjoy it. Two nights in a row I’ve come home making $10 an hour. Not too shabby. I’m told I could make more than that on the weekends…and less during the week. I’m content with that!

OH! I saw my first transvestite today! Well, that’s kinda a lie. I saw one once in a shoe store in England. I was trying on shoes and saw a ‘woman’ walking around in reallly cute heels. Then I noticed that this ‘woman’ had not shaved. Then my eyes started slowly looking up at this ‘woman’ only to discover that ‘she’ was actually a ‘he.’ That was a long side note, sorry. So, anyway, this person walks in to the store and I notice that she’s about as tall as my friend Jason is, maybe a little shorter. I also noticed that her hands were not the size of any girl I’ve ever seen. Longest story short, when I spoke to her it was clearly she was really a he.

To each his (or her) own!

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