VETO the cell phone law.

I am vetoing the new cell phone law that our awesome mayor just passed. The first offense for being caught while talking on a cell phone is $100. Second offense? $200. I’ve tried using a hands free device and it was more difficult to use than my cell phone is. I’m so riled up by this for some reason. Maybe it’s because I think it’s just a stupid ploy to get more money for the city. Why do I think that? Perhaps that’s because the money from red light cameras go back to Arizona, the supplier of the cameras. Not only do the red light cameras catch you running a red light, obviously, but they’re also speed traps. COME ON! Maybe it’ll be better if we just stop driving. I’m being my typical stubborn self and I’m not gonna get a hands free device.

In other news… Anna Nicole Smith died today. Yeah, I know..I kinda want to make a joke about it too. The ironic thing is that this morning on “The View” (I was watching it at the gym…) Rosie went on and on about Anna Nicole and how she looked awful and how she needs to stay out of the news, blah blah blah. It was a typical Rosie bash session.

I made homemade florintine lasagna tonight. No lie! It was good too, and I’m gonna make it again, but tweak it and add vegitables. Yeah, it’s gonna be even better than just good. Combine that dinner with a Blue Moon and Ugly Betty and I am one happy camper right now!

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