Turns out that there’s nothing even remotely exciting going on in my life at the moment. That’s a lie. Sorry. On Friday, Natalie and my brother are driving to Las Vegas, NV to spend the weekend there. Laura’s flying out on Saturday and then we’re all driving back on Monday. I can’t wait for this weekend…I’m so excited to go on vacation and spend it in Vegas over St. Paddy’s day with the girls (my brother can come too). Besides that…there is something ridiculously awesome going on in my life…but I’ll spill those beans in July…

I know what i can do to make this longer and maybe (?) more interesting, I’ll put a blog I posted on myspace in here. Read it:

Since you are all my friends I feel the need to share a very big secret with you. There is a web site out there on the ginormous internet called Student Universe. The one, and only, catch I’ve seen so far is that you HAVE to be a student. I know this because I tried to buy a ticket even though I just graduated. The company (a real person even) has actually called me three times and e-mailed me about 5 times asking me to send in varification that I am at a university. I can’t figure out a way to give them the proof they want without committing fraud. With that said, I want to pass this great way to save money along to you. I’ve never received junk mail from them, only amazing deals for places I wish I could go. I’ve bought several tickets on this and have never had a problem. Ok. I could literally go on and on about Student Universe. Just go sign up!

While I’m on the subject of travel… IF you’re planning on going overseas, or even traveling around America, check out Hostel World. This has a listing of just about every hostel, discount hotel and cheap B&B. It’s fantastic…I’ve used this more times than I can even count. There’s another website, Couch Surfing, that sounds cool, but I haven’t used it…yet.

I have the itch to travel SO bad. Right now, which is probably why all I want to do is talk about the places I’ve been, where I’ve stayed and help other people with their adventures. You can take all of this with a grain of salt, I’m only one person and I’ve only been to a few places, but if you’re reading this and going to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Florence, Ireland or Wales.

If you’re still reading then I’m going to gush about my upcoming trips, all of which I am ridiculously excited for!!! The day before St. Patty’s Day, Natalie, my brother and I are going to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. The next day Laura is flying in and we will be partying like rock stars. Laura’s never been to Vegas, and I’ve never been with just my friends. I’ve had MORE than a blast going with my cousins, but this will be great too. SO EXCITED. Then, in May, I’ll be flying to Orlando to hang out with Kenny. While this may be on my list of craziest things I’ve ever done, I couldn’t be more happy or excited to go out there and see him and his friends. Not to mention, Jeff and Mike are about 99% sure that they’ll be out there at the same time too! I just wish May would get here a little faster…. Flash forward to September when my friend Kat from England makes her trip over the pond to visit America and the Southwest! I’m already planning on taking her to see the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Disneyland, San Diego and maybe Mexico…I can’t wait for her to come over! Lots of stuff on my plate, I just wish I could get myself back over to Europe. One of these days….hummm….I need to invest in some lottery tickets!

Till next time… Ciao, Adios, Bye, Latah.

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