My car got broken into :(

The subject of this blog is not a lie. I was woken up this morning not by my alarm around 8:15, but by my mom an hour earlier telling me that someone had broken into my car. Great. Fantastic. ASSHOLES. I struggled to find some pants so I could go outside and see what had been taken.

*Sidenote – Chris, Natalie and I (Laura’s coming out tomorrow) are driving to Vegas today. We were going to take my car until my mom said we could use hers. Yesterday we both cleaned out our cars. Mine was a little more ambitious to clean because I don’t think stuff has been removed for months… seriously… Anyway, I cleaned my car almost completely out and took it to Octopus Car Wash for a wash that made it look just as new.

So I found some jeans and took my barefooted self outside to see the mess. My mom, who was taking my car to work today, showed me the hole – about the size of a grapefruit – the tiny window on the back left side.

*sidenote – one of the reasons my parents are letting us take their car to Vegas is because my passenger front window regulator is broken and I need to get it fixed. So, now I currently have two broken windows in my car. Will it ever NOT be ghetto???? *end sidenote*

Then I open the doors and start looking for missing things.

Radio – check
CDs – check (apparently these guys don’t want to bring sexy back, get down with the Shins, meet Mr. A-Z, sit under a cherry tree w/ KT Tunstall or check out Corrine Baily Rae)
laundry detergent – check (these guys must have been smelly)
graduation cap – check
ipod headphones – check
ipod charger and transmitter – UNCERTAIN ( I can’t remember if they were there or not…will confirm later today)
Registration and insurance – check
tampons – check (which makes me suspect these guys were actually guys. If it was a girl they may have taken them…. just saying)
Change – check

Like I said…I didn’t have much in there, thank goodness. Here’s the thing that pisses me off though – WHY BREAK INTO A CAR AND NOT TAKE ANYTHING? It’s not like there was some crazy annoying alarm that went off. Granted I didn’t have much that was valuable, but it still really doesn’t make sense to me.

I probably shouldn’t have touched everything, but I was pretending to be CSI while I was rummaging through my things. This is what I have detected thus far:

HOW THEY DID IT: They used a grapefruit to break the window, then got the grapefruit out of the back seat and ate it once they discovered there was no food in my car.

WHO ‘THEY’ WERE: They were boys. They did not take the tampons or any of my somewhat girly music.

WHY THEY DID IT: They didn’t think the Mercedes across the street would have anything ‘good.’ Or, someone’s been stalking me lately and noticed I keep a lot of stuff in my car and wanted something from it.

That’s all I’ve really concluded. I tried to use my hot breath on the condensation on the car door (as I’ve seen in CSI) to find fingerprints…but it didn’t work. I think their breath must be hotter on the show.

In other news: I’m excited for Las Vegas. Woot. Woot. Las Vegas.

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