April Fools!

I’ve been meaning to blog for awhile now. I’m so busy these days that I rarely get to talk to people about the random things I think about throughout the day. For example, I got a phone call from NMSU telling me that I have a check to pick up from the St. Louis trip I went on last year. It was for driving everyone to and from El Paso. The check is in the mail and on its way to me…SWEET!

I’ve also come across the most amazing thing to happen to the internet since AIM and Google. It’s called Stumble and it only works if you use Firefox as a browser. I have Kenny to blame for the fact that I can, and will, and have, spent meaningless hours ‘stumbling’ onto different sites.

I came across this one and it really got to me: It’s about a girl’s quest to become a size zero. I read it all and it really made me appreciate the fact that I like food! It also made me sick that people can do that to their body just to get some social satisfaction when in the end they’re only hurting and sometimes killing themselves. Nobody is perfect! I like how the girl said that the guys didn’t like her the skinny she got…that’s gotta show something….

Another site I check regularly is My Strange New Mexico. The author of it, Mike Smith, writes it as a column for the Daily Lobo. Read this blog entry. I love it! I also keep up with Duke City Fix to keep up with everything going on in Albucrazy.

What else has been going on, you ask? Well, my mom just celebrated her birthday and I don’t know if it was because she felt like being a kid again or….or…what, but she wanted to celebrate by going to Itz. Not gonna lie, it was a lot of fun. Chris and I got to play some arcade games and I walked away with over 250 tickets (all of which I gave to a little girl). It’s like Peter Piper (Pistol Petes) only about 10 times cooler. So cool, they even have a roller coaster, bumper cars and I crazy flying thing that kids can go on. Very neat.

*Sidenote* I am now in love with jalapenos. MMMmmmmm. I love them on my salad, I like them in my burritos, give them to me ontop of nachos. Yummy. I have Laura to blame. I can blame her for my love of jalapenos and country music – two things i used to detest and now can’t seem to get enough of.

Know what else I detest? The stupid cell phone law. While I haven’t been pulled over (yet) I do think that if they’re going to make talking, and sending or receiving texts, a law, then they need to also out law eating food in your car and listening to CDs and/or iPod. All of the above are VERY dangerous while driving. …..lame…..

I know I have more to ramble/rant about, but my break here at Flying Star is almost over.

Till I have more time to write….adios!

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