College was neat.

I took a trip down memory lane a few nights ago. Actually, I guess I took a trip down the internet archives, because I was reading all the blogs I wrote. So much has changed in as little as two years. The floods of memories came back to me, I forgot about a lot of things – it’s true that you only remember the good out of situations until the bad are reminded to you. Two years ago my dad had cancer. Reading that again was hard, I felt the same ache in my heart now, as I did back then. He’s been in remission for a little over a year – thank God for modern medicine.

When I was in high school I thought I would be best friends with those people forever (Heh, well, I guess that is true in some cases!). But then I moved three hours south and went to NMSU. Living in RGH was the best decision I ever could have made. From there I met so many more friends. Thank you all for being a part of my life.

A lot of my friends are moving away after they graduate this Saturday. It’s starting to hit me that we are growing up and moving on with our lives. No more late nights just sitting on the floor of our dorm room (or cheap apartment/house). No more last minute parties on a Monday night. No more BBQs during the perfect New Mexican nights. No more laughing about stupid stuff, or coming up with inside jokes that will last us the rest of our lives. Peppermint Patties for the girls, themed parties and Taco Bell runs five minutes before they close on the weekends will be a thing of the past. People are moving – the times are a changin’.

I guess we’ll always have the memories – the good memories.

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