Day one – three miles

Oh. Man. Yesterday I woke up early; 6:45 on a Sunday, early. I laced up my running shoes – ok, so they’re really just old Pay Less tennis shoes that I’m planning on running in till I can buy an actual decent pair of shoes – and started driving towards Riverpoint Sports and Wellness on the West Side. It was my first day for training with TNT. I signed up last week and this was the first training event I could go to (since I missed the first last Sunday). We all met in the parking lot and talked before we started our run. There must have been about 30 people there of all different ages.

And then we ran. We ran 3 miles yesterday, and today I’m paying for it. My body is definitely not used to running and I’m out of shape. My legs are aching like they’ve never ached before. It’s a good ache. The kind of ache that I know will go away and I’ll end up feeling strength instead of pain.

My homework for this week is to run 2 miles three times this week…the problem is that I’m still working at Flying Star and I’m leaving for Florida on Thursday. I’ll have to find some time to fit it in.

I have to say that the best part of yesterday was driving by the New Mexico Cancer Center. It made me realize that I’m actually doing this for a reason. It made me remember how scared I was the first time I went to see Papa getting chemo. I remember literally shaking before I walked in the doors because I didn’t know what to expect, but then feeling calm after I saw him there and talked to the nurses. I’m doing this for the people still sitting in those Lazy-boys with drugs being pumped into them. Drugs that are making their hair leave their body along with their energy. I’m doing this for them.

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