I got new shoes again yesterday. I took the ones I had back to Fleet Feet and they told me the shoes they gave me may have been OVER stabilizing my feet. Great. So, now I have some new shoes, but my legs/calfs/shins (I don’t know what it’s called where it hurts) were still hurting when I got up. So, instead of running the three miles I was supposed to log today, I stretched and iced. I’m going to ice them at lunch too, and hopefully I can get to at least walk or maybe run the three later tonight – may have to go to the gym though cause it was pretty gross outside yesterday evening.

THANK YOU to everyone who is donating and sending me your encouragement – it means SO MUCH to me knowing that this money is going to help so many other people. THANK YOU!!!!!

Also, if you’ve been keeping up with these blogs, let me know! It’s always nice to know that I’m not just writing to nobody. Believe it or not, keeping a daily log of what’s going on gets touch when you don’t get any feedback. It’s kinda like talking to a blank wall… some people probably wouldn’t mind it, but I would get lonely/bored. So…send some comments! How about this – what’s your favorite song to work out to? I’m starting to get bored with the music I have. Let me know!!!


  1. When I run I listen to rap. Hit up some Jay-Z, Mos Def, or Madlib.

    I wonder if it’s not “shin splints” you have. I used to get them in high school when I ran track. They’re caused by the impact from your feet pounding the ground.

    The couch used to have us Ice em and stay off em for a while and then either run on the grass or the threadmill.

  2. yeah, I’ve had shin splints before. This is more towards my calf, but not my calf…see my problem? I spent today icing them, I’ll attempt to run tomorrow.

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