Five or Seven?? Hmm… SEVEN!

Today was the long run with the team. Half marathoners training were to run 5 miles, and those training for the full marathon were up to 7 miles. I woke up and felt pretty refreshed so I drove out towards the Sunport to meet with the team. I got there, stretched a little and found someone to run with… then started the run.

I got to the turn-around point and instead of turning back, I felt really good so I decided to keep going to the full marathoners turn-around point. Wow. In all actuality, I probably walked about a good mile – there was a hill that was unbelievably long and gradually got steeper. My legs and body (ok, and lungs and feet and arms and EVERYTHING) just wanted to stop, so instead of stopping I walked. I ran to the 3.5 mark where there was water and Gatorade waiting. We had ran to the northeast side of the Journal Pavilion. Amazing.

The run back wasn’t as hard (mostly because I could run down the ridiculous hill, but it was still hard. I was really proud of myself for finishing it. My legs and arms feel like Jello, and I would like nothing more than to crawl into bed and sleep the rest of the day.

I may attempt to start training like I was going to run the full marathon. If I decide to change back to a half, I can do it up until the morning of the marathon. Who knows. It’s all up in the air.

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