Frozen watery lunch in a box

I’m taking a break from my running log to jot down a few rants about frozen meals.

Yesterday I had a really tasty frozen meal from Lean Cuisine. I felt like one of those commercials where the ladies are sitting in an office talking about their boring lunches and then one lady pipes up about how delicious hers is. There wasn’t a circle of girls talking about our food yesterday, but mind was good! I had this tasty Grilled Chicken Primavera. It was good. Like home-cooked, good.

So today I brought another Lean Cuisine. I popped it in the microwave and took it out 4 minutes later only to be greeted with the frozen left over juices. It was not appealing, let alone appetizing. It LOOKed like this. Consider this my warning. I have about 5 more of these lovely meals to try. My mom went on a frozen meal shopping spree a few months ago because she had a coupon for a whole .50 cents off if you buy l0. Woo. Hoo.

….by the way. I couldn’t even finish the second meal, I went across the street and bought a delicious sandwich.


  1. Jessica,
    For your information, the coupon was for $2.00 off if you bought 10 AND the Lean Cuisines were on sale for half price.

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