Three mile

They say you should finish your run and still feel as though you could run another mile. I only ran 3 miles today, but I still could have gone on. I wasn’t completely out of breath, and my legs weren’t tired. My lower legs stopped hurting (or I just got used to the feeling) after about a mile and a half.

OOOOooo!!!!! I also got a very spiffy Hydration Belt by Amphipod. I tried several within the past week, and I think this will work the best for me! It even has a little pocket where I can put a key, my iPod and even a gel! AND that means I can return my iPod arm runny thing and get some money back!!! Woo hoo!

Also, the August issue of Albuquerque the Magazine hit the stands yesterday, so run out and get your copy while it’s hot! Better yet, ask me for a subscription – I can hook you up to get 11 issues for only $12. That’s cheap, folks, real cheap. Not to mention you get to stay up-to-date with all the latest and greatest in the ‘Burque!

I’m also thinking about starting yoga. This place is supposed to be pretty good…I just honestly don’t know how much more sweating my body can handle. They keep their room set at 105 degrees and the humidity is something ridiculous like that too. But, it’s supposed to have all sorts of benefits and be really good for your body. Plus, I need to work on my stretching; it’s not near where it should be.

Hokay…I’ve gotta get this day started. Thanks for reading!


  1. last i read something about that, the hign temp/humidity is to aide in flexibility.

    At the same time, i’d imagine you’ld benefit with your running because your body might become more accostomed to high heat, and sweat less during your runs. Think of the wieght loss if nothing else – holy missing water content batman!

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