Three musical miles

Yesterday I woke up bright and really early (6 am) to go for my three mile run. It was SO nice and fresh outside at that time. I finally bought myself the armband for my iPod, so I had company singing in my ear this run. Nothing too exciting besides the fact that I finished the run and for the first time felt as though I could go a little more. And by a little more, I mean I could have made it to the end of my block and then walked back.

In other news………………. 🙂

As of Monday (7/18) I will officially be an Assistant Editor for Albuquerque the Magazine!!! That’s right! Six months after graduating college I have a real job in the profession that I wanted to be in. Amazing. It’s going to be a tough job, but I couldn’t be happier. I get to write for a magazine and get paid for it. It doesn’t hurt that everyone I work with is awesome and I like everything I’m writing about. WOOHOO!!!!!

Just wanted to share my good news with everyone!

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